Meaning of PET in English


/ pet; NAmE / noun , verb , adjective

■ noun


an animal, a bird, etc. that you have at home for pleasure, rather than one that is kept for work or food :

Do you have any pets?

a pet dog / hamster, etc.

a family / domestic pet

pet food

a pet shop (= where animals are sold as pets)


(usually disapproving ) a person who is given special attention by sb, especially in a way that seems unfair to other people

SYN favourite :

She's the teacher's pet .


( BrE , informal ) used when speaking to sb to show affection or to be friendly :

What's wrong, pet?

Be a pet (= be kind) and post this letter for me.

■ verb ( -tt- )


[ vn ] ( especially NAmE ) to touch or move your hand gently over an animal or a child in a kind and loving way


[ v ] ( informal ) ( of two people ) to kiss and touch each other in a sexual way

—see also petting

■ adjective

[ only before noun ] that you are very interested in :

his pet subject / theory / project, etc.

—see also pet name


- sb's pet hate



early 16th cent. (as a noun; originally Scots and northern English ): of unknown origin.

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