Meaning of PET in English


n. 1 darling, favourite, idol, apple of (one's) eye, Colloq Brit blue-eyed boy, US fair-haired boy You know that you were always Father's pet

adj. 2 tame, trained, domesticated Doesn't the landlord take a dim view of your keeping a pet alligator in the bath? 3 favourite, favoured, preferred, cherished, special, particular; indulged, prized, treasured, precious, dearest, adored, darling Building the summer-house was Desmond's pet project Elizabeth's pet pupil is Anne.

v. 4 caress, fondle, stroke, pat; cuddle, nuzzle, nestle, snuggle, Colloq neck, smooch or Australian and New Zealand also smoodge or smooge, Chiefly US and Canadian make out Small children need to be petted a lot Two teenagers were petting in the back seat of the car. 5 humour, pamper, favour, baby, coddle, cosset, mollycoddle, cocker, spoil, indulge, dote on His mother pets him far too much

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