Meaning of BREAK in English

n. 25B6; verb

the mirror broke : SHATTER, smash, crack, snap, fracture, fragment, splinter, fall to bits, fall to pieces; split, burst; informal bust.

she had broken her leg : FRACTURE, crack.

the bite had barely broken the skin : PIERCE, puncture, penetrate, perforate; cut.

the coffee machine has broken : STOP WORKING, break down, give out, go wrong, malfunction, crash; informal go kaput, conk out, be on the blink, give up the ghost; Brit. informal pack up.

traders who break the law : CONTRAVENE, violate, infringe, breach; defy, flout, disobey, fly in the face of.

his concentration was broken : INTERRUPT, disturb, interfere with.

they broke for coffee : STOP, pause, have a rest; N. Amer. recess; informal knock off, take five.

a pile of carpets broke his fall : CUSHION, soften the impact of, take the edge off.

the film broke box-office records : EXCEED, surpass, beat, better, cap, top, outdo, outstrip, eclipse; informal leave standing.

habits are very difficult to break : GIVE UP, relinquish, drop; informal kick, shake, pack in, quit.

the strategies used to break the union : DESTROY, crush, quash, defeat, vanquish, overcome, overpower, overwhelm, suppress, cripple; weaken, subdue, cow, undermine.

her self-control finally broke : GIVE WAY, crack, cave in, yield, go to pieces.

four thousand pounds wouldn't break him : BANKRUPT, ruin, pauperize.

he tried to break the news gently : REVEAL, disclose, divulge, impart, tell; announce, release.

he broke the encryption code : DECIPHER, decode, decrypt, unravel, work out; informal figure out.

the day broke fair and cloudless : DAWN, begin, start, emerge, appear.

a political scandal broke : ERUPT, break out.

the weather broke : CHANGE, alter, shift.

waves broke against the rocks : CRASH, dash, beat, pound, lash.

her voice broke as she relived the experience : FALTER, quaver, quiver, tremble, shake.

repair, keep, resume.

25B6; noun

the magazine has been published without a break since 1950 : INTERRUPTION, interval, gap, hiatus; discontinuation, suspension, disruption, cut-off; stop, stoppage, cessation.

a break in the weather : CHANGE, alteration, variation.

let's have a break : REST, respite, recess; stop, pause; interval, intermission; informal breather, time out, down time.

a weekend break : HOLIDAY; N. Amer. vacation; Brit. informal vac.

a break in diplomatic relations : RIFT, schism, split, break-up, severance, rupture; Brit. informal bust-up.

a break in the wall : GAP, opening, space, hole, breach, chink, crack, fissure; tear, split.

(informal) the actress got her first break in 1951 : OPPORTUNITY, chance, opening.

25A0; break away

she attempted to break away from his grip : ESCAPE, get away, run away, flee, make off; break free, break loose, get out of someone's clutches; informal leg it, cut and run.

a group broke away from the main party : LEAVE, secede from, split off from, separate from, part company with, defect from; form a splinter group.

25A0; break down

his van broke down. : See break verb sense 4.

pay negotiations broke down : FAIL, collapse, founder, fall through, disintegrate; informal fizzle out.

Vicky broke down, sobbing loudly : BURST INTO TEARS; lose control, be overcome, go to pieces, crumble, disintegrate; informal crack up, lose it.

25A0; break something down

the police broke the door down : KNOCK DOWN, kick down, smash in, pull down, tear down, demolish.

break big tasks down into smaller parts : DIVIDE, separate.

graphs show how the information can be broken down : ANALYSE, categorize, classify, sort out, itemize, organize; dissect.

25A0; break in

thieves broke in and took her cheque book : COMMIT BURGLARY, break and enter; force one's way in, burst in.

‘I don't want to interfere,’ Mrs Hendry broke in : INTERRUPT, butt in, cut in, interject, interpose, intervene, chime in; Brit. informal chip in.

25A0; break someone in TRAIN, initiate; informal show someone the ropes.

25A0; break into

thieves broke into a house in Perth Street : BURGLE, rob; force one's way into, burst into.

Phil broke into the discussion : INTERRUPT, butt into, cut in on, intervene in.

he broke into a song : BURST INTO, launch into.

25A0; break off SNAP OFF, come off, become detached, become separated.

25A0; break something off

I broke off a branch from the tree : SNAP OFF, pull off, sever, detach.

they threatened to break off diplomatic relations : END, terminate, stop, cease, call a halt to, finish, dissolve; SUSPEND, discontinue; informal pull the plug on.

25A0; break out

he broke out of the detention centre : ESCAPE FROM, abscond from, flee from; get free.

fighting broke out : FLARE UP, start suddenly, erupt, burst out.

25A0; break up

the meeting broke up : END, finish, stop, terminate; adjourn; N. Amer. recess.

the crowd began to break up : DISPERSE, scatter, disband, part company.

Danny and I broke up last year : SPLIT UP, separate, part (company); divorce.

(informal) the whole cast broke up : BURST OUT LAUGHING, dissolve into laughter; informal fall about, crack up, crease up; theatrical slang corpse.

25A0; break something up

police tried to break up the crowd : DISPERSE, scatter, disband.

I'm not going to let you break up my marriage : WRECK, ruin, destroy.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.