Meaning of BREAK in English

[break] vb broke ; bro.ken ; [ME breken, fr. OE brecan; akin to OHG brehhan to break, L frangere] vt (bef. 12c) 1 a: to separate into parts with suddenness or violence b: fracture "~ an arm" c: rupture "~ the skin" d: to cut into and turn over the surface of "~ the soil" e: to render inoperable "broke his watch"

2. a: violate, transgress "~ the law" "~ a promise" b: to invalidate (a will) by action at law 3 a archaic: to force entry into b: to burst and force a way through "~ the sound barrier" "~ a racial barrier" c: to escape by force from "~ jail" d: to make or effect by cutting, forcing, or pressing through "~ a trail through the woods"

4: to disrupt the order or compactness of "~ ranks"

5: to make ineffective as a binding force "~ the spell"

6. a: to defeat utterly and end as an effective force: destroy b: to crush the spirit of c: to make tractable or submissive: as (1) past part often broke : to train (an animal) to adjust to the service or convenience of humans "a halter-broke horse" (2): inure, accustom d: to exhaust in health, strength, or capacity

7. a: to stop or bring to an end suddenly: halt "~ a deadlock" b: interrupt, suspend "~ the silence with a cry" c: to open and bring about suspension of operation "~ an electric circuit" d: to destroy unity or completeness of "~ a dining room set by buying a chair" e: to change the appearance of uniformity of "a dormer ~s the level roof" f: to split the surface of "fish ~ing water" g: to cause to discontinue a habit "tried to ~ him of smoking"

8. a: to make known: tell "~ the bad news gently" b: to bring to attention or prominence initially "radio stations ~ing new musicians" "~ a news story"

9. a: to ruin financially b: to reduce in rank

10. a: to split into smaller units, parts, or processes: divide b (1): to give or get the equivalent of (a bill) in smaller denominations (2): to use as the denomination in paying a bill "didn't want to ~ a $20 bill"--often used with into, up, or down 11 a: to check the speed, force, or intensity of "the bushes will ~ his fall" "without ~ing her stride" b: to cause failure and discontinuance of (a strike) by measures outside bargaining processes 12: to cause a sudden significant decrease in the price, value, or volume of "news likely to ~ the market sharply" 13 a: exceed, surpass "~ the record" b: to score less than (a specified total) "golfer trying to ~ 90" c: to win against (an opponent's service) in a racket game 14: to open the action of (a breechloader) 15 a: to find an explanation or solution for: solve "the detective will ~ the case" b: to discover the essentials of (a code or cipher system) 16: to demonstrate the falsity of "~ an alibi" 17: to ruin the prospects of "could make or ~ her career" 18: to produce visibly "barely ~s a sweat" ~ vi 1 a: to escape with sudden forceful effort--often used with out "~ out of jail" b: to come into being by or as if by bursting forth "day was ~ing" c: to effect a penetration "~ through security lines" d: to emerge through the surface of the water e: to start abruptly "when the storm broke" f: to become known or published "when the news broke" g: to make a sudden dash "~ for cover" h: to separate after a clinch in boxing

2. a: to come --used to wish good luck esp. to a performer -- break bread : to dine together -- break camp : to pack up gear and leave a camp or campsite -- break cover also break covert : to start from a covert or lair -- break even : to achieve a balance; esp: to operate a business or enterprise without either loss or profit -- break ground 1: to begin construction--usu. used with for

2. or break new ground : to make or show discoveries: pioneer -- break into 1: to begin with or as if with a sudden throwing off of restraint "broke into tears" "face breaking into a smile" "the horse breaks into a gallop"

2: to make entry or entrance "broke into the house" "break into show business"

3: interrupt "break into a TV program with a news flash" -- break one's heart : to crush emotionally with sorrow -- break one's wrists : to turn the wrists as part of the swing of a club or bat -- break ranks also break rank : to differ in opinion or action from one's peers--often used with with -- break the back of : to subdue the main force of "break the back of inflation" -- break the ice 1: to make a beginning

2: to get through the first difficulties in starting a conversation or discussion -- break wind : to expel gas from the intestine

[2]break n (14c) 1 a: an act or action of breaking b: the opening shot in a game of pool or billiards

2. a: a condition produced by or as if by breaking: gap "a ~ in the clouds" b: a gap in an otherwise continuous electric circuit

3: the action or act of breaking in, out, or forth "at ~ of day" "a jail ~"

4: a place or situation at which a break occurs; esp: the place at which a word is divided esp. at the end of a line of print or writing

5: an interruption in continuity "a ~ in the weather": as a: a notable change of subject matter, attitude, or treatment b (1): an abrupt, significant, or noteworthy change or interruption in a continuous process, trend, or surface (2): a respite from work, school, or duty "coffee ~" "spring ~" (3): a planned interruption in a radio or television program "a ~ for the commercial" c: deviation of a pitched baseball from a straight line d mining: fault, dislocation e: failure of a horse to maintain the prescribed gait f: an abrupt change in musical or vocal pitch or quality g: the action or an instance of breaking service in a racket game h: a usu. solo instrumental passage in jazz, folk, or popular music

6. a: dash, rush "a base runner making a ~ for home" b: fast break 7: a sudden and abrupt decline of prices or values

8. a: the start of a race b: the act of separating after a clinch in boxing

9. a: a stroke of luck and esp. of good luck "a bad ~" "got the ~s" b: a favorable or opportune situation: chance "waiting for a big ~ in show business" c: favorable consideration or treatment "a tax ~" "a ~ on the price"

10. a: a rupture in previously agreeable relations "a ~ between the two countries" b: an abrupt split or difference with something previously adhered to or followed "a sharp ~ with tradition" 11: breakdown 1c "suffered a mental ~"

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