Meaning of CALL in English

n. 25B6; verb

‘Wait for me!’ she called : CRY (OUT), shout, yell, bellow, roar, bawl, scream, vociferate; informal holler.

Mum called me in the morning : WAKE (UP), awaken, rouse; Brit. informal knock up; poetic/literary waken.

I'll call you tomorrow : PHONE, telephone, get someone on the phone, give someone a call; Brit. ring (up), give someone a ring; informal call up, give someone a buzz; Brit. informal give someone a bell/tinkle, get someone on the blower; N. Amer. informal get someone on the horn.

Rose called a taxi : SUMMON, send for, order.

he called at Ashgrove Cottage : PAY A (BRIEF) VISIT TO, visit, pay a call on, call/drop/look in on, drop/stop by, pop into.

the prime minister called a meeting : CONVENE, summon, assemble; formal convoke.

they called their daughter Hannah : NAME, christen, baptize; designate, style, term, dub; formal denominate.

I would call him a friend : DESCRIBE AS, regard as, look on as, consider to be.

25B6; noun

I heard calls from the auditorium : CRY, shout, yell, roar, scream, exclamation, vociferation; informal holler.

the call of the water rail : CRY, song, sound.

I'll give you a call tomorrow : PHONE CALL, telephone call; Brit. ring; informal buzz; Brit. informal bell, tinkle.

he paid a call on Harold : VISIT, social call.

a call for party unity : APPEAL, request, plea, entreaty.

the last call for passengers on flight BA701 : SUMMONS, request.

there's no call for that kind of language : NEED, necessity, reason, justification, excuse.

there's no call for expensive wine here : DEMAND, desire, market.

the call of the Cairngorms : ATTRACTION, appeal, lure, allure, spell, pull, draw.

25A0; call for

desperate times call for desperate measures : REQUIRE, need, necessitate; justify, warrant.

I'll call for you around seven : PICK UP, collect, fetch.

25A0; call something off CANCEL, abandon, scrap, drop, axe; informal scrub, nix; N. Amer. informal redline.

25A0; call on

I might call on her later : VISIT, pay a call on, go and see, look/drop in on; N. Amer. visit with; informal look up, pop in on.

he called on the government to hold a plebiscite : APPEAL TO, ask, request, petition, urge.

we are able to call on qualified staff : HAVE RECOURSE TO, avail oneself of, draw on, make use of.

25A0; call the shots BE IN CHARGE, be in control, be at the helm/wheel, be in the driving seat, pull the strings; informal run the show, be the boss.

25A0; call to mind

this calls to mind Cézanne's works : EVOKE, bring to mind, call up, conjure up.

I cannot call to mind where I have seen you : REMEMBER, recall, recollect.

25A0; call someone up

(informal) Roland called me up. : See call verb sense 3.

they called up the reservists : ENLIST, recruit, conscript; US draft.

he was called up for the England team : SELECT, pick, choose; Brit. cap.

25A0; on call ON DUTY, on standby, available.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.