Meaning of CALL in English

v. 1 shout, cry (out), hail, yell, roar, bellow, call out, Colloq holler I heard someone calling my name 2 name, designate, denote, denominate, term, style, nickname, label, title, entitle, tag, identify, dub, christen, baptize My real name is Angus, but they call me Scotty A person from Glasgow is called a Glaswegian. 3 call up, telephone, phone, ring (up), dial, Colloq buzz As it's her birthday, I must call my mother in Australia Don't call us, we'll call you. 4 summon, invite, assemble, convoke, convene, bid, gather, collect, muster, rally From the minaret, the muezzin was calling the faithful to prayer Many are called but few are chosen. 5 visit, attend; call in; call on My great aunt Frederica came to call last Sunday 6 awake, awaken, wake up, rouse, Colloq Brit knock up Please call me at six 7 call down. a appeal to, invoke, petition, request, entreat, supplicate He called down the wrath of God on the Philistines b reprimand, chastise, castigate, upbraid, scold, reprove, rebuke He was called down for having left the house after curfew 8 call for. a demand, request, ask for, order, require, claim The people in room 429 have called for clean towels The problem calls for your urgent attention. b pick up, fetch, come for, get, accompany, Colloq collect I'll call for you at seven o'clock 9 call forth. summon, invoke, draw on or upon, evoke; elicit, inspire Susan called forth all her courage and faced her accusers He failed to call forth much enthusiasm in his listeners. 10 call on or upon. a request of, entreat, ask, address; apostrophize The teacher called on me today to recite Hamlet's soliloquy b supplicate, apostrophize, appeal to He called on ’olus, god of the winds, for a fair breeze to carry his ship home c visit The vicar called on us when we first moved in 11 call off. cancel; discontinue; postpone The picnic has been called off because of rain 12 call up. a summon, enlist, recruit, conscript, US draft Father was called up as soon as war was declared b call, telephone, phone, ring (up) Call me up sometime

n. 13 shout, cry, yell, whoop, Colloq holler I'll be out in the garden, so give me a call if you want me 14 summons, invitation, bidding, notice, notification, order, request, demand, command; telephone call, phone call, Brit ring; Colloq tinkle She received a call to report at once for duty 15 reason, justification, cause, need, occasion, right, excuse; requirement You have no call to be abusive, regardless of what you think about him 16 on call. ready, on duty, standing by, on stand-by, awaiting orders They had to remain on call from midnight till eight o'clock 17 within call. within earshot or hearing or (easy) reach Please stay within call in case I need you

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