Meaning of DISCHARGE in English

n. 25B6; verb

he was discharged from the RAF : DISMISS, eject, expel, throw out, give someone notice, make redundant; release, let go; Military cashier; informal sack, give someone the sack, fire, boot out, give someone the boot, turf out, give someone their cards, give someone their marching orders, give someone the push.

he was discharged from prison : RELEASE, free, set free, let go, liberate, let out.

oil is routinely discharged from ships : SEND OUT, release, eject, let out, pour out, void, give off.

the swelling will burst and discharge pus : EMIT, exude, ooze, leak.

he accidentally discharged a pistol : FIRE, shoot, let off; set off, loose off, trigger, explode, detonate.

the ferry was discharging passengers : UNLOAD, offload, put off; remove; archaic unlade.

they discharged their duties efficiently : CARRY OUT, perform, execute, conduct, do; fulfil, accomplish, achieve, complete.

the executor must discharge the funeral expenses : PAY, pay off, settle, clear, honour, meet, liquidate, defray, make good; informal square.

recruit, imprison, absorb.

25B6; noun

his discharge from the service : DISMISSAL, release, removal, ejection, expulsion, congé; Military cashiering; informal the sack, the boot.

her discharge from prison : RELEASE, liberation.

a discharge of diesel oil into the river : LEAK, leakage, emission, release, flow.

a watery discharge from the eyes : EMISSION, secretion, excretion, seepage, suppuration; pus, matter; Medicine exudate.

a single discharge of his gun : SHOT, firing, blast; explosion, detonation.

the discharge of their duties : CARRYING OUT, performance, performing, execution, conduct; fulfilment, accomplishment, completion.

the discharge of all debts : PAYMENT, repayment, settlement, clearance, meeting, liquidation, defrayal.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.