Meaning of DISCHARGE in English

v. 1 release, let out, dismiss, let go, send away; pardon, exonerate, liberate, (set) free, acquit, let off, absolve She was discharged from hospital yesterday He was discharged from police custody last week. 2 expel, oust, dismiss, cashier, eject, give notice, Colloq sack, give (someone) the sack, fire, kick out He was discharged from his job yesterday 3 shoot, fire (off); set or let off, detonate, explode It is illegal to discharge a firearm or other explosive device in this area 4 emit, send out or forth, pour out or forth, gush; disembogue; ooze, leak, exude; excrete, void The sore in his leg continued to discharge pus We can ill afford to discharge those effluents into the sea. 5 carry out, perform, fulfil, accomplish, do, execute He faithfully discharges the duties of his office 6 pay, settle, liquidate, clear, honour, meet, square (up) Before going off on holiday, we discharged all our financial obligations 7 unload, offload, disburden, empty After discharging its cargo, the vessel rode high in the water

n. 8 release, dismissal What is the date of his discharge from the clinic? 9 expulsion, ouster, dismissal, ejection, notice, Colloq the axe or US ax, the sack, the boot, Chiefly US and Canadian walking papers, Slang US and Canadian the bounce, the gate Her discharge from the firm was rather ignominious 10 shooting, firing (off), report, shot; salvo, fusillade, volley; detonation, explosion, burst The discharge of a pistol could not be heard at that distance I heard the discharge from the guns of the firing squad in the courtyard below. The discharge of the bomb maimed three children. 11 emission, release, void, voiding, excretion, excreting, emptying, flow; ooze, oozing, pus, suppuration, secretion, seepage The discharge of blood from the wound continued 12 performance, fulfilment, accomplishment, execution, observance, achievement The discharge of my family responsibilities will have to await my return from the front 13 payment, settlement, liquidation, squaring (up), clearance The bank expects full discharge of all debts before they lend any money 14 unloading, disburdening, offloading, emptying The customer will pay in full after the discharge of his cargo

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