Meaning of DISCHARGE in English

I. verb


a patient is discharged (from hospital) (= allowed to leave it )

The patient was discharged after eight days.

be discharged/dismissed from the army

He developed epilepsy, a condition which led to him being discharged from the army.

be discharged/released from hospital British English , be discharged/released from the hospital American English (= be allowed to leave a hospital because you are better )

It was several weeks before he was released from hospital.

conditional discharge

dishonourable discharge

honorable discharge




Telford, of Wheatley, Doncaster, was conditionally discharged by town magistrates after admitting threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour.

Cunningham was conditionally discharged for one year and ordered to pay a total of £65 compensation.

He was conditionally discharged for twelve months and had to pay £15 compensation.

Mr Hill and Mr Middleton were conditionally discharged by magistrates at Amersham.

They were conditionally discharged but each was ordered to pay costs of 750 pounds.

Previous convictions: several as a juvenile for theft and taking without consent: conditionally discharged on each occasion.

He was conditionally discharged by Newcastle magistrates in December after admitting assaulting railway worker John Beach.

Mitchell was conditionally discharged for 12 months and ordered to pay £180 compensation and £85 costs.



He was discharged from the army six years ago suffering ill health which he believed to be connected to Gulf War Syndrome.

Along came a young soldier, recently discharged from the army because his wounds made him unable to serve.

The injections led to him suffering epileptic fits-a condition which later led to him being discharged from the Army .

Worth cut expenditures by sending people who were on government rations home and discharging civilians on the army payroll.

The story went that he was a dealer in jewels and furs who had been discharged from the army after Dunkirk.


First, as a warning discharging the duty of care .

In doing so they had discharged their duty of care .

This is because the making of a residence order with respect to a child in care discharges an existing care order.

Whether such a warning will discharge the duty of care will depend on the age of the entrant.


With technical work, the appointment of a competent contractor may be sufficient to discharge the duty .

He has been twice a Member of Congress, and in that office discharged his duty with ability and faithfulness.

First, as a warning discharging the duty of care.

New agencies and new officials were created to discharge political and economic duties formerly assigned to the sovereign courts.

In doing so they had discharged their duty of care.

The wound healed well, and the patient was discharged to duty .

But trust in the authority is trust that the authority is likely to discharge its duties properly.

Whether such a warning will discharge the duty of care will depend on the age of the entrant.


In a report on marine pollution, the organization states that 12,000 pipes have been licensed to discharge industrial effluent .

It would run to a point directly behind the Falls and discharge its effluent into the cataract itself.

Dioxins from the process may be discharged in factory effluent and some traces remain in the paper goods themselves.

The company makes a wide range of bathroom ware and discharges its effluent into a fishless urban stream.


Equally they sustain as well as designate those who discharge public functions .

Parliament has chosen to discharge this function by placing primary responsibility upon a scrutiny committee formed especially for the purpose.

Each of the Houses discharges a quasi judicial function in relation to the regulation of its own affairs.

Social divisions, described in chapter 6, complicate the job of those who discharge the functions of the state.


The hospitals may discharge them on it, but make sure it is continued.

If the hospital can treat and discharge the patient for less than the fixed amount, it makes a profit.

Robert was treated in hospital but discharged .

Why are hospital patients discharged so quickly and what happens to people who can not afford the expense of convalescent care.

The child was also taken to hospital but was later discharged .


If there is a Breach of Warranty the Insurer is discharged from liability from the day of breach.


The need for those new lines to discharge that obligation will be considered by the inquiry.

In Washington, for example, a teacher was discharged from his contractual obligation because of his deteriorating eyesight.

Simpson will not be able to discharge his financial obligations to the victims' families by claiming bankruptcy.


This prohibition applies to all proceedings under s34 including applications to vary or discharge existing orders .

This also applies to an application for any order which would have the effect of varying or discharging an existing order.

This is because the making of a residence order with respect to a child in care discharges an existing care order.

For those reasons, I would discharge this order .

A court has power to make a s8 order whether or not it varies or discharges the supervision order.

For that reason I would discharge the judge's order .

An application can be made to vary or discharge an order refusing contact as well as an order which permits it.


In recent years a policy of discharging long-stay psychiatric patients into the community has been introduced.

In addition to discharging eligible patients , Gordon sought to change a series of other long-standing practices.

Furthermore, health authorities could no longer discharge patients without an individual care plan being approved and agreed with the local authority.

It proved difficult to discharge many of these patients .


All records were to be available to Cardiff city council to allow it to discharge its statutory responsibilities .

Ways in which the authority can discharge its responsibilities for standard setting for all aspects of care will also require attention.

There seemed to be no incompatibility between building a welfare state at home and discharging the responsibilities of a great power abroad.

The question is whether he can discharge that responsibility to Parliament without being in day-to-day charge.

I discharged my responsibility at the court, and that is that.


Larger gravel is discharged back into the river .


The forms include details of the process and quantities of waste discharged to land, water and air.

John Glenn, D-Ohio, intends to introduce legislation that would prohibit ships from discharging organism-laced ballast water in estuaries.

The contractile vacuole expands and eventually discharges the water it contains to the exterior through the cell membrane.



All records were to be available to Cardiff city council to allow it to discharge its statutory responsibilities.


He lost both his legs in an explosion and was discharged from the navy.

Jefferson's gun accidentally discharged, killing him.

The captain gave the order to discharge the cargo.

The president called upon the soldiers to discharge their duty with honor.

When Danny was discharged in 1961, he went to Los Angeles, looking for work.


Between them was a tommy gun, discharging itself into the air.

But on the whole he discharged it badly.

Florence W., aged four, was to be handed over to her father as soon as he was discharged from prison.

Neurons discharging in the cortical motor strip cause focal movements of the contralateral extremities.

One of the four police officers injured in the explosion has been discharged from hospital.

She had forgotten the sidearm, which she had kept sand-free but not discharged in months.

There is emotional charge here somewhere which will discharge .

Vicarious performance of a personal contract will not discharge the vendor nor bind the customer.

II. noun




Nacro was given an absolute discharge , but the county council was fined £200 and ordered to pay more than £450 costs.

Ronald Hutchinson, 70, of Heaton, was given an absolute discharge and ordered to pay £1,170 compensation.

Sheila, 56, was given an absolute discharge at Blyth, Northumberland, after admitting breaking a smoking ban.

I had a conditional discharge for one and an absolute discharge for the other.

For adult offenders these had for many years been confined to absolute or conditional discharges , fines and probation orders.

All four shops were found guilty, but were given an absolute discharge .

Mr Neilsen was given an absolute discharge , told to pay £10 compensation and £350 in costs.


I've had probation, conditional discharge , deferred sentences, suspended sentences - everything.

Magistrates gave him a conditional discharge and disqualified him from driving for two years.

The magistrate gave Mr Smith a conditional discharge on each count, but he was ordered to pay prosecution costs of £1800.

Sigsworth was given a conditional discharge for 12 months.

Magistrates gave him a 12month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £35 costs.

They were each given a two year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £35 costs.


The outcome - a court-martial and a dishonourable discharge .

After one too many dishonourable discharges the man was dishonourably discharged and Schultz found himself achieving early command.


Such gases, mixed with water vapour, were subjected to electrical discharge and ultraviolet light.

Ultraviolet radiation could do the same job as the electrical discharge in their laboratory.

The deep rumbling beneath their feet abruptly stopped, and the electrical discharges faded away.

The technical officer could not fail to be conscious of the lethal potential of an electrical discharge from the platform.

Tiny electrical discharges zipped and buzzed about the hull as the fragile air was catalysed around them.


An honorable discharge would mean that any reserve unit with openings would have to accept her application to fly.

He wanted his honorable discharge reinstated.

Then the Air Force could hardly acquiesce to an honorable discharge .

He received an honorable discharge in 1968.

With a less than honorable discharge , Smith may have difficulty obtaining employment.


In more severe cases dyspnoea and tenacious nasal discharge are also present.

A history of purulent nasal discharge may be obtained in headaches resulting from sinus disease.

The nasal discharge and the discharge from the abscesses is highly infectious and this is how strangles is spread to other horses.

Watery nasal discharge and obstruction goes from left to right nostril.

Improved cleanliness of young children can reduce the nasal and ocular discharges that constitute a major reservoir of infectious material.

However in heavy infections coughing is marked, and is accompanied by dyspnoea and nasal discharge .

Relief often comes with a discharge such as the menses or a nasal discharge etc.


Vaginal discharge Vaginal discharge is one of the commonest female complaints and one that is in general poorly understood and looked after.

On examination there was little abnormal to see, the cervix looked very healthy and there was no excess of vaginal discharge .

This rod-shaped bacterium is a not uncommon cause of an offensive vaginal discharge in women.

In the female it is important to treat any cause of vaginal discharge .

This is unlikely to produce anything more than a slight increase in vaginal discharge which has no particular distinguishing features.

Any uncharacteristic vaginal discharge , especially if accompanied by lower abdominal pain or fever.

When there is active infection, the virus can be found in saliva, urine, vaginal discharge , and semen.

In particular, they are not associated with non-gonococcal urethritis and do not produce a typical vaginal discharge .



Even though all authorities met the 31 December deadline, good intentions on effective hospital discharges must still be proved.

A booklet on hospital discharge procedures is now imminent from the Department of Health.

They deal with hospital discharge procedures and state that district health authorities should obey circulars.

Based at Southland hospital he will manage the hospital discharge scheme, organising support for people returning home after treatment.

The hospital discharge data are based on disease episodes, not on separate patients.

However, shortage of physiotherapy and other services, together with rapid hospital discharge , militates against such results being achieved.



So I applied for my discharge and it was granted.

However, the same principles apply to planning the discharge of these patients.


Nacro was given an absolute discharge , but the county council was fined £200 and ordered to pay more than £450 costs.

The inspector general, relying upon the testimony of white citizens, recommended that the whole unit be given dishonorable discharges .

Ronald Hutchinson, 70, of Heaton, was given an absolute discharge and ordered to pay £1,170 compensation.

She wrote a letter telling him that the Marine Corps had given him a dishonorable discharge .

Magistrates gave him a conditional discharge and disqualified him from driving for two years.

Sigsworth was given a conditional discharge for 12 months.


This will eliminate the disposal of waste acid in the North Sea and significantly reduce discharge to the River Tees.


Pain and a nasal discharge may mean the patient has a sinus infection.

the discharge of a firearm

Tony wanted to get married as soon as he got his discharge from the army.


But, the discharge having occurred, it takes time for such another potential to accumulate.

Huge gaps were torn in the Confederate line at every discharge .

Patients with generalized epilepsy often show generalized spike and wave discharges.

Relief often comes with a discharge such as the menses or a nasal discharge etc.

Secondly, patients in hospital may also avoid hasty discharge to residential or care homes if they face means tested charges.

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