Meaning of HORSE in English


n. 25B6; noun MOUNT, charger, cob, nag, hack; pony, foal, yearling, colt, stallion, gelding, mare, filly; N. Amer. bronco; Austral./NZ moke, yarraman; informal gee-gee; archaic steed. See lists here and at harness , equestrian .


25A0; horse around/about (informal) FOOL AROUND/ABOUT, play the fool, act the clown, clown about/around, monkey about/around; informal mess about/around, lark about/around; Brit. informal muck about/around; dated play the giddy goat.

Horses and Ponies

American Saddle Horse miniature Shetland

Andalusian Missouri fox-trotting horse

Anglo-Arab Morgan

Appaloosa mustang

Arab New Forest pony

Barb Nonius

Basuto pony Noriker

Breton Norwegian racing trotter

brumby Oldenburger

Camargue Orlov trotter

Caspian palomino

Cleveland Bay Paso Fino

Clydesdale Percheron

Comtois Pinto

Conestoga Pinzgauer

Connemara pony Plateau Persian

criollo polo pony

Dales pony pony of the Americas

Dartmoor pony Przewalski's horse

Dutch draught Quarter Horse

Dutch warmblood Russ

Exmoor pony Russian heavy draught

Falabella Russian warmblood

Fell pony Sable Island

Fjord Saddlebred

Friesian Salerno

Galiceño Sandalwood pony

Galloway Schleswig

Gelderlander Shetland pony

Gotland shire horse

Hackney Standardbred

Haflinger Suffolk Punch

Hanoverian Swedish warmblood

Highland pony Tartar pony

Holstein Tennessee Walking Horse

Huçul Tersky

hunter thoroughbred

Iceland pony Timor pony

Irish draught Trakehner

Irish hunter trotter

Jutland Viatka

Kabardin Waler

Karabakh warmblood

Kathiawari Welsh cob

Kazakh Welsh Mountain pony

Lippizaner Yorkshire coach horse

Lokai extinct horses

Lundy Island hyracotherium or eohippus

Mangalarga miohippus

Manipur pony pliohippus

Mérens pony tarpan

Points of a Horse

cannon bone hindquarters

cheek hock

chest hoof

chestnut knee

chin groove loin

coffin bone mane

coronet navicular bone

crest pastern

croup pedal bone

dock point of hip

elbow point of shoulder

ergot poll

feathers ribs

fetlock shank

fetlock joint sheath

flank shoulder

forearm splint bone

forelock stifle

frog tail

gaskin tendon

gullet windpipe

heel withers

Horse Colours

albino liver chestnut

bay piebald

blue roan pinto

chestnut roan

dapple grey skewbald

dun sorrel

grey strawberry roan

iron grey

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.