Meaning of HOT in English


adj. 25B6; adjective

hot food : HEATED, piping (hot), sizzling, steaming, roasting, boiling (hot), searing, scorching, scalding, red-hot.

a hot day : VERY WARM, balmy, summery, tropical, scorching, searing, blistering; sweltering, torrid, sultry, humid, muggy, close; informal boiling, baking, roasting.

she felt very hot : FEVERISH, fevered, febrile; burning, flushed.

a hot chilli : SPICY, spiced, highly seasoned, peppery, fiery, strong; piquant, pungent, aromatic.

the competition was too hot : FIERCE, intense, keen, competitive, cut-throat, dog-eat-dog, ruthless, aggressive, strong.

(informal) the hottest story in Fleet Street : NEW, fresh, recent, late, up to date, up to the minute; just out, hot off the press.

(informal) this band is hot : POPULAR, in demand, sought-after, in favour; fashionable, in vogue, all the rage; informal big, in, now, hip, trendy, cool.

(informal) she is hot on local history : KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT, well informed about, au fait with, up on, well versed in, au courant with; informal clued up about, genned up about.

(informal) hot goods : STOLEN, illegally obtained, illegal, illicit, unlawful; smuggled, bootleg, contraband; Brit. informal dodgy.

cold, chilly, mild, dispassionate, weak, old, lawful.

25A0; blow hot and cold VACILLATE, dither, shilly-shally, waver, be indecisive, change one's mind, be undecided, be uncertain, be unsure; Brit. haver, hum and haw; Scottish swither.

25A0; hot on the heels of CLOSE BEHIND, directly after, right after, straight after, hard on the heels of, following closely.

25A0; hot under the collar (informal) . See angry sense 1.

25A0; make it/things hot for someone (informal) HARASS, hound, plague, badger, harry; bully, intimidate, pick on, persecute, victimize, terrorize; N. Amer. devil; informal hassle, give someone a hard time, get on someone's back.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.