Meaning of HOT in English


adj., v., & adv.

--adj. (hotter, hottest)

1. a having a relatively or noticeably high temperature. b (of food or drink) prepared by heating and served without cooling.

2 producing the sensation of heat (hot fever; hot flush).

3 (of pepper, spices, etc.) pungent.

4 (of a person) feeling heat.

5 a ardent, passionate, excited. b (often foll. by for, on) eager, keen (in hot pursuit). c angry or upset. d lustful. e exciting.

6 a (of news etc.) fresh, recent. b Brit. colloq. (of Treasury bills) newly issued.

7 Hunting (of the scent) fresh and strong, indicating that the quarry has passed recently.

8 a (of a player) very skilful. b (of a competitor in a race or other sporting event) strongly fancied to win (a hot favourite). c (of a hit, return, etc., in ball games) difficult for an opponent to deal with.

9 (of music, esp. jazz) strongly rhythmical and emotional.

10 sl. a (of goods) stolen, esp. easily identifiable and hence difficult to dispose of. b (of a person) wanted by the police.

11 sl. radioactive.

12 colloq. (of information) unusually reliable (hot tip).

--v. (hotted, hotting) (usu. foll. by up) Brit. colloq.

1. tr. & intr. make or become hot.

2 tr. & intr. make or become active, lively, exciting, or dangerous.


1. angrily, severely (give it him hot).

2 eagerly.

Phrases and idioms:

go hot and cold feel alternately hot and cold owing to fear etc. have the hots for sl. be sexually attracted to. hot air sl. empty, boastful, or excited talk. hot-air balloon a balloon (see BALLOON n. 2) consisting of a bag in which air is heated by burners located below it, causing it to rise. hot blast a blast of heated air forced into a furnace. hot-blooded ardent, passionate. hot cathode a cathode heated to emit electrons. hot cross bun see BUN. hot dog n. colloq. a hot sausage sandwiched in a soft roll.

--int. US sl. expressing approval. hot flush see FLUSH(1). hot gospeller see GOSPELLER. hot line a direct exclusive line of communication, esp. for emergencies. hot metal Printing using type made from molten metal. hot money capital transferred at frequent intervals. hot potato colloq. a controversial or awkward matter or situation. hot-press n. a press of glazed boards and hot metal plates for smoothing paper or cloth or making plywood. press (paper etc.) in this. hot rod a motor vehicle modified to have extra power and speed. hot seat sl.

1. a position of difficult responsibility.

2 the electric chair. hot-short (of metal) brittle in its hot state (cf. COLD-SHORT).

hot spot

1. a small region that is relatively hot.

2 a lively or dangerous place. hot spring a spring of naturally hot water.

hot stuff colloq.

1. a formidably capable person.

2 an important person or thing.

3 a sexually attractive person.

4 a spirited, strong-willed, or passionate person.

5 a book, film, etc. with a strongly erotic content. hot-tempered impulsively angry. hot under the collar angry, resentful, or embarrassed. hot war an open war, with active hostilities. hot water colloq. difficulty, trouble, or disgrace (be in hot water; get into hot water). hot-water bottle (US bag) a container, usu. made of rubber, filled with hot water, esp. to warm a bed.

hot well

1. hot spring.

2 a reservoir in a condensing steam engine. hot-wire operated by the expansion of heated wire. like hot cakes see CAKE. make it (or things) hot for a person persecute a person. not so hot colloq. only mediocre.


hotly adv. hotness n. hottish adj.

Etymology: OE hat f. Gmc: cf. HEAT

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