Meaning of HOT in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ hɔt ]

adj., v., & adv. --adj. (hotter, hottest) 1 a having a relatively or noticeably high temperature. b (of food or drink) prepared by heating and served without cooling. 2 producing the sensation of heat (hot fever; hot flush). 3 (of pepper, spices, etc.) pungent. 4 (of a person) feeling heat. 5 a ardent, passionate, excited. b (often foll. by for, on) eager, keen (in hot pursuit). c angry or upset. d lustful. e exciting. 6 a (of news etc.) fresh, recent. b Brit. colloq. (of Treasury bills) newly issued. 7 Hunting (of the scent) fresh and strong, indicating that the quarry has passed recently. 8 a (of a player) very skilful. b (of a competitor in a race or other sporting event) strongly fancied to win (a hot favourite). c (of a hit, return, etc., in ball games) difficult for an opponent to deal with. 9 (of music, esp. jazz) strongly rhythmical and emotional. 10 sl. a (of goods) stolen, esp. easily identifiable and hence difficult to dispose of. b (of a person) wanted by the police. 11 sl. radioactive. 12 colloq. (of information) unusually reliable (hot tip). --v. (hotted, hotting) (usu. foll. by up) Brit. colloq. 1 tr. & intr. make or become hot. 2 tr. & intr. make or become active, lively, exciting, or dangerous. --adv. 1 angrily, severely (give it him hot). 2 eagerly. øgo hot and cold feel alternately hot and cold owing to fear etc. have the hots for sl. be sexually attracted to. hot air sl. empty, boastful, or excited talk. hot-air balloon a balloon (see BALLOON n. 2) consisting of a bag in which air is heated by burners located below it, causing it to rise. hot blast a blast of heated air forced into a furnace. hot-blooded ardent, passionate. hot cathode a cathode heated to emit electrons. hot cross bun see BUN. hot dog n. colloq. a hot sausage sandwiched in a soft roll. --int. US sl. expressing approval. hot flush see FLUSH(1). hot gospeller see GOSPELLER. hot line a direct exclusive line of communication, esp. for emergencies. hot metal Printing using type made from molten metal. hot money capital transferred at frequent intervals. hot potato colloq. a controversial or awkward matter or situation. hot-press n. a press of glazed boards and hot metal plates for smoothing paper or cloth or making plywood. press (paper etc.) in this. hot rod a motor vehicle modified to have extra power and speed. hot seat sl. 1 a position of difficult responsibility. 2 the electric chair. hot-short (of metal) brittle in its hot state (cf. COLD-SHORT). hot spot 1 a small region that is relatively hot. 2 a lively or dangerous place. hot spring a spring of naturally hot water. hot stuff colloq. 1 a formidably capable person. 2 an important person or thing. 3 a sexually attractive person. 4 a spirited, strong-willed, or passionate person. 5 a book, film, etc. with a strongly erotic content. hot-tempered impulsively angry. hot under the collar angry, resentful, or embarrassed. hot war an open war, with active hostilities. hot water colloq. difficulty, trouble, or disgrace (be in hot water; get into hot water). hot-water bottle (US bag) a container, usu. made of rubber, filled with hot water, esp. to warm a bed. hot well 1 = hot spring. 2 a reservoir in a condensing steam engine. hot-wire operated by the expansion of heated wire. like hot cakes see CAKE. make it (or things) hot for a person persecute a person. not so hot colloq. only mediocre. øøhotly adv. hotness n. hottish adj. [OE hat f. Gmc: cf. HEAT]

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