Meaning of LEG in English


n. 25B6; noun

Lee broke his leg : (LOWER) LIMB, shank; informal peg, pin; archaic member.

a table leg : UPRIGHT, support, prop.

the first leg of a European tour : PART, stage, portion, segment, section, phase, stretch, lap.

25A0; give someone a leg up HELP/ASSIST SOMEONE, give someone assistance, lend someone a helping hand, give someone a boost, give someone a flying start.

25A0; leg it (informal)

if the dog starts growling, leg it! : RUN (AWAY), flee, make off, make a break for it, escape, hurry; informal hightail it, hotfoot it, make a run for it, cut and run, skedaddle, vamoose, show a clean pair of heels, split, scoot, scram; Brit. informal scarper.

legging it around London : WALK, march, tramp, trek, trudge, plod, wander, go on foot, go on Shanks's pony.

25A0; on its last legs

my car is on its last legs : DILAPIDATED, worn out, rickety, about to fall apart.

a foundry business on its last legs : FAILING, about to go bankrupt, near to ruin, going to the wall; informal going bust.

25A0; pull someone's leg TEASE, rag, make fun of, chaff, jest, joke with, play a (practical) joke on, play a trick on, make a monkey out of; hoax, fool, deceive, lead on, hoodwink, dupe, beguile, gull; informal kid, have on, rib, take for a ride, take the mickey out of; Brit. informal wind up; N. Amer. informal put on.

25A0; stretch one's legs GO FOR A WALK, take a stroll, walk, stroll, move about, get some exercise.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.