Meaning of LEG in English


I. leg 1 S1 W1 /leɡ/ BrE AmE noun

[ Date: 1200-1300 ; Language: Old Norse ; Origin: leggr ]

1 . BODY PART [countable] one of the long parts of your body that your feet are joined to, or a similar part on an animal or insect:

a young boy with skinny legs

She fell and broke her leg.

four-legged/long-legged etc

four-legged animals

2 . MEAT [uncountable and countable] the leg of an animal when it is cooked and eaten as food:

roast leg of lamb

3 .

FURNITURE [countable] one of the upright parts that support a piece of furniture:

One of the legs on the table was a bit wobbly.

a chair leg

a three-legged stool

4 . CLOTHING [countable] the part of your trousers that covers your leg:

The legs of my jeans were covered in mud.

He rolled up his trouser legs and waded out into the stream.

5 . JOURNEY/RACE [countable] one part of a long journey or race

leg of

the final leg of the Tour de France

6 . SPORT [countable] British English one of the series of games in a football competition played between two teams:

Leeds will have to win the second leg if they are to go forward to the finals.

7 . not have a leg to stand on informal to be in a situation where you cannot prove or legally support what you say:

If you didn’t sign a contract, you won’t have a leg to stand on.

8 . get your leg over British English informal not polite to have sex with someone

9 . have legs American English informal if a piece of news has legs, people continue to be interested in it and talk about it

⇨ on its last legs at ↑ last 1 (9), ⇨ on your last legs at ↑ last 1 (8), ⇨ pull sb’s leg at ↑ pull 1 (11), ⇨ ↑ leg-pull , ↑ leg-up , ↑ peg leg , ↑ sea legs , ⇨ shake a leg at ↑ shake 1 (9), ⇨ show a leg at ↑ show 1 (23), ⇨ stretch your legs at ↑ stretch 1 (7)

II. leg 2 BrE AmE verb ( past tense and past participle legged , present participle legging ) British English informal

leg it to run in order to escape from someone or something:

We saw him coming, and legged it out of the house.

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