Meaning of LEG in English


n. 1 limb, member, Colloq pin, peg, stump, Slang gam I have a touch of arthritis in my left leg 2 support, brace, prop, upright, standard, column, pillar One of the legs of this table is about to collapse 3 part, portion, segment, stretch, stage, section, length, lap The first leg of my journey passed without incident 4 a leg up. boost, assistance, push, help, helping hand, advance, support, US and Canadian assist Let me give you a leg up over the wall Gordon might give you a leg up in getting a job. 5 leg it. run, hurry, hasten, scurry, Colloq scoot, skedaddle He legged it down the street to catch the bus 6 not a leg to stand on. defenceless, unsupported, insupportable or unsupportable, indefensible, unjustifiable, untenable, invalid She insists she's right, but she hasn't got a leg to stand on 7 on one's or its last legs. decrepit, failing, exhausted, dying, worn out, run-down, falling apart or to pieces, broken-down, the worse for wear; dilapidated, rickety, shabby, ramshackle, crumbling, tumbledown George looked as if he was on his last legs My car is on its last legs. 8 pull (someone's) leg. tease, mock, jeer at, taunt, gibe, make fun of, chaff, guy, fool, deceive, Chiefly Brit twit, Colloq rib, kid, rag We were just pulling his leg, but he took it seriously 9 shake a leg. a hurry (up), hasten, rush, Colloq get going or moving or cracking, look alive or lively You'll have to shake a leg to catch that train b dance, trip the light fantastic (toe), Slang hoof it, US cut a rug What do you say we go out and shake a leg tonight? 10 stretch one's legs (take or go for a) walk, (take some) exercise After sitting for so long, I have to stretch my legs

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