Meaning of PAPER in English

n. 25B6; noun

a sheet of paper. : See list.

the local paper : NEWSPAPER, journal, gazette, periodical; tabloid, broadsheet, quality paper, daily, weekly, evening paper, Sunday paper; informal rag; N. Amer. informal tab.

the paper was peeling off the walls : WALLPAPER, wallcovering; Brit. woodchip; trademark Anaglypta.

toffee papers : WRAPPER, wrapping.

a three-hour paper : EXAM, examination, test.

he has just published a paper : ESSAY, article, monograph, thesis, work, dissertation, treatise, study, report, analysis, tract, critique, exegesis, review; N. Amer. theme.

personal papers : DOCUMENTS, certificates, letters, files, deeds, records, archives, paperwork, documentation; Law muniments.

they asked us for our papers : IDENTIFICATION PAPERS/DOCUMENTS, identity card, ID, credentials.

25B6; verb we papered the walls : WALLPAPER, hang wallpaper on.

25A0; paper something over COVER UP, hide, conceal, disguise, camouflage, gloss over.

25A0; on paper

he put his thoughts down on paper : IN WRITING, in black and white, in print.

the combatants were evenly matched on paper : IN THEORY, theoretically, supposedly.

Types of Paper

art paper notepaper

blotting paper oil paper

bond paper parchment paper

brown paper rag paper

carbon paper ricepaper

cartridge paper sandpaper

crêpe paper satin paper

drawing paper thermal paper

glasspaper tissue paper

graph paper tracing paper

greaseproof paper vellum

India paper waxed paper

Japanese paper wove paper

laid paper wrapping paper

manila paper writing paper

manuscript paper

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.