Meaning of PLAY in English


n. 25B6; verb

the children played with toys : AMUSE ONESELF, entertain oneself, enjoy oneself, have fun; relax, occupy oneself, divert oneself; frolic, frisk, romp, caper; informal mess about/around, lark (about/around); dated sport.

I used to play football : TAKE PART IN, participate in, be involved in, compete in, do.

Liverpool play Oxford on Sunday : COMPETE AGAINST, take on, challenge, vie with.

he was to play Macbeth : ACT (THE PART OF), take the role of, appear as, portray, depict, impersonate, represent, render, perform; formal personate.

he learned to play the flute : PERFORM ON, make music on; blow, sound.

the sunlight played on the water : DANCE, flit, ripple, touch; sparkle, glint.

25B6; noun

a balance between work and play : AMUSEMENT, entertainment, relaxation, recreation, diversion, distraction, leisure; enjoyment, pleasure, fun, games, fun and games; horseplay, merrymaking, revelry; informal living it up; dated sport.

a Shakespeare play : DRAMA, theatrical work; production, performance, show, sketch. See lists here and at Shakespeare .

she knew the play of the real world : ACTION, activity, operation, working, function; interaction, interplay.

there was a little play in the rope : MOVEMENT, slack, give; room to manoeuvre, scope, latitude.

25A0; play around (informal) WOMANIZE, philander, have affairs, flirt; informal carry on, mess about/around, play the field, sleep around; Brit. informal play away; N. Amer. informal fool around.

25A0; play at PRETEND TO BE, pass oneself off as, masquerade as, profess to be, pose as, impersonate; fake, feign, simulate, affect; N. Amer. informal make like.

25A0; play ball (informal) COOPERATE, collaborate, play the game, show willing, help, lend a hand, assist, contribute; informal pitch in.

25A0; play something down MAKE LIGHT OF, make little of, gloss over, de-emphasize, downplay, understate; soft-pedal, tone down, diminish, trivialize, underrate, underestimate, undervalue; disparage, belittle, scoff at, sneer at, shrug off; informal pooh-pooh.

25A0; play for time STALL, temporize, delay, hold back, hang fire, procrastinate, drag one's feet.

25A0; play it by ear IMPROVISE, extemporize, ad lib; make it up as one goes along, think on one's feet; informal busk it, wing it.

25A0; play on they play on our fears : EXPLOIT, take advantage of, use, turn to (one's) account, profit by, capitalize on, trade on, milk, abuse.

25A0; play the fool CLOWN ABOUT/AROUND, fool about/around, mess about/around, lark about/around, monkey about/around, joke; informal horse about/around, act the goat; Brit. informal muck about/around.

25A0; play the game PLAY FAIR, be fair, play by the rules, conform, be a good sport, toe the line.

25A0; play up (Brit. informal)

the boys really did play up : MISBEHAVE, be bad, be naughty, get up to mischief, be disobedient, cause trouble.

the boiler's playing up : MALFUNCTION, not work, be defective, be faulty; informal go on the blink, act up.

his leg was playing up : BE PAINFUL, hurt, ache, be sore, cause discomfort; informal kill someone, give someone gyp.

25A0; play something up EMPHASIZE, accentuate, call attention to, point up, underline, highlight, spotlight, foreground, feature, stress, accent.

25A0; play up to INGRATIATE ONESELF WITH, curry favour with, court, fawn over, make up to, keep someone sweet, toady to, crawl to, pander to, flatter; informal soft-soap, suck up to, butter up, lick someone's boots.

Types of Play and Drama

See also theatre . melodrama

antimasque mime

burlesque miracle play

closet play monodrama

comedy morality play

comedy of manners mummers' play

commedia dell'arte music drama

docudrama mystery play

dumbshow nativity play

duologue Noh

fabula pantomime

farce passion play

Grand Guignol psychodrama

Greek drama school drama

harlequinade sociodrama

improvisation teleplay

kabuki tragedy

kitchen-sink drama tragicomedy

kyogen two-hander

masque verse drama

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.