Meaning of SHELL in English


n. 25B6; noun

a crab shell : CARAPACE, exterior; armour; Zoology exoskeleton. See list.

peanut shells : POD, husk, hull, casing, case, covering, integument; N. Amer. shuck.

shells passing overhead : PROJECTILE, bomb, explosive; grenade; bullet, cartridge. See lists at bullet , projectile .

the metal shell of the car : FRAMEWORK, frame, chassis, skeleton; hull, exterior.

conchoidal, concho-.

25B6; verb

they were shelling peas : HULL, pod, husk; N. Amer. shuck.

rebel artillery shelled the city : BOMBARD, fire on, shoot at, attack, bomb, blitz, strafe.

25A0; shell something out (informal) . See pay verb sense 2.


abalone nutmeg shell

angel wing nut shell

ark shell olive

auger ormer

basket shell otter shell

bonnet oyster

bubble shell oyster drill

canoe shell partridge shell

carpet shell pearly nautilus

carrier shell pelican's foot

cask shell pen shell

chambered nautilus periwinkle

chank pheasant shell

clam piddock

coat-of-mail pyramid shell

cockle quahog

cock's-comb oyster queen scallop

conch razor shell

cone rock shell

cowrie saddle oyster

cup-and-saucer scallop

date mussel sea snail

dog whelk slipper limpet

dove shell slit limpet

drill slit shell

drupe spider conch

ear shell spindle shell

fighting conch spire shell

fig shell staircase shell

file shell sundial

flamingo tongue sunset shell

frog shell tellin

furrow shell thorny oyster

gaper tiger cowrie

giant clam tooth shell

hard clam top shell

harp tower shell

heart cockle triton

helmet triton's trumpet

hoof shell trough shell

horn shell trumpet shell

horse mussel tulip shell

jewel box tun

jingle shell turban

junonia turkey wing

keyhole limpet turret shell

lima tusk shell

limpet umbrella shell

lion's paw vase shell

lucine venus

marginella Venus clam

mitre violet sea snail

money cowrie volute

moon shell wedge shell

murex wentletrap

mussel whelk

nautilus wing oyster

necklace shell winkle

nerite worm shell

Noah's ark zebra mussel

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