Meaning of SHELL in English


I. noun


shell game

Critics called the proposal a shell game.

shell shock

shell suit




Database Database programs are often described as empty shell , content-free and cross-curricular software.

I see increasing numbers of anemones and a couple of empty mussel shells .

Your local dealer should have some empty shells for it to grow into.

Even empty shells serve as some animals' homes.

Do not buy snails from a tank containing empty shells or dead snails.

Many are in parks and preserves, where those empty shells are safeguarded.

Only the husk, the empty shell of what they'd come for.

During the course of psychotherapy, it quickly became apparent to Tom that his marriage was a pretty empty shell .


Morris didn't seem lonely or isolated himself, but a hard shell was usually a sign of vulnerability underneath.

But they have a hard outer shell .

In addition to their hard shell , tortoises and turtles sometimes possess special protective refinements.

The censure of her family was like a hard shell under which she found a certain freedom.

This gentler self had been covered by a hard , outer shell .

Soft-shelled crabs are blue crabs taken after the hard shell has been discarded and the new one is still soft.

Holding it by the hard shell is safe enough, although a steady grip is recommended.

She had a hard shell like an oyster.


This is trapped between the inner and outer shell with an insulating filling divided into compartments for greater efficiency.

But they have a hard outer shell .

The sticky nature of the outer shell may also facilitate passive spread of eggs.

Materials: the outer shell is made from proofed nylon and the lining from cotton giving just that little extra comfort.

He possibly held that the universe was slightly ovoid, with a crystalline outer shell to which the stars were attached.

This gentler self had been covered by a hard, outer shell .

Both jacket and salopettes are made of Parameta with a Pertex outer shell .

The outer shells of the Buckau rotors sat on pivots that came to about two-thirds of their height.


A thicker shell presumably protects the snail better.

If thicker shells are really better for the snail, why don't they have them anyway?

Bivalves and tortoises have longer maximum lives than their relatives, perhaps because of the protection conferred by their thick shells .

Burying it all under a thick shell of bluster, bullying, slavish adherence to protocol and discipline.



It was even more volatile than a hang-fire on an artillery shell .

And underneath, lined up like artillery shells , are the tubes which fit in those caulking guns.

What the Navy needs, critics say, is a ship that can fire lots of relatively inexpensive artillery shells .


Life in the Lubetkin family was a perpetual shell game .

It was a curious shell game in which each side thought it had the upper hand.

The shell game which Dad had instigated so long ago had impoverished all three of us.


The exploding mortar shell has a strength of 7.

Rifle grenades, land mines, dynamite, antitank guns, mortar shells .

The mortar shell explodes before it is fired.

Unlike the solid cannon ball a mortar shell is hollow and filled with gunpowder.

The crew light the fuse before dropping the mortar shell into the mortar.

Hundreds of bullets were let loose - followed by tear-gas and even mortar shells - as protesters were cut down without mercy.

A well placed mortar shell can therefore kill a great many victims at once.

Now declare how far you want to fire the mortar shell .


Turn your mixture into the pie shell .

When softened, spread the potatoes evenly over bottom and sides of the pans as for pie shells .

Pour into 9-or 10-inch pre-baked, crimped pie shell .

Margaret mixes dough and rolls out the pie shell .

Place the cheese on the bottom of the pie shells .

Spread it into cooled baked pie shell .

Pile mixture into pie shell and garnish with reserved strawberries.

Pour into two pie shells and bake for 15 minutes.


Similarly, insects and land snail shells are identified, sorted and quantified in the same way as animal and plant remains.

And when I went to the museum on Gozo I discovered a block with a carved snail shell .

I had an empty Apple Snail shell scrounged from my long-suffering dealer for just such an experiment.

Sometimes you can find a Zebra flatworm sharing the snail shell with the hermit crab.

Taken with other environmental indicators, such as land snail shells and insect remains, they also give information about the prevailing climate.

We need to accept only that the change in snail shell is a fluke adaptation.

Caddis houses helped us take the previous step; snail shells will help us take this one.


The youths, aged about 15, dressed in brightly shell suits were riding mountain bikes.

The men are in shell suits and have moustaches.

Even the humble sparkler can cause horrific injuries when combined with a highly flammable shell suit .

He was wearing a blue and yellow shell suit top and light, almost bleached jeans.



The army plans later to fit Challenger with a new gun operating at even higher pressure and firing an improved shell .

The best naval guns can fire a shell at about one kilometer per 148 second.

Now declare how far you want to fire the mortar shell .

When it got to that distance, I just stuck up the M79 and fired off a shotgun shell .

The preliminary bombardment was the heaviest so far mounted: over two weeks 3,100 guns fired some 471/2 million shells .


retreat into yourself/your shell/fantasy etc

I retreated into my shell, being painfully shy in the first place.


a parka with a waterproof nylon shell

clam shells

Most buildings in the area are just burned-out shells.

Pour the mixture into a prepared pie shell and bake at 375° for 45 minutes.

Rebels fired mortar shells directly into the town square.

shotgun shells

taco shells

The turtle poked its head out of its shell .

Throw away any eggs with cracked shells.


A shell had exploded in the body of one of them, tearing it to pieces; others were torn and wounded.

Before knives and scissors were imported, they used a sharp shell .

Despite their hardy shells they are delicate fishes and easily injured.

Gunmen pumped dozens of rounds into Gutierrez, and more than 120 spent shells were found on the pavement, Anaya said.

It is decorated with electric patterns of beads and shells and rests on wooden runners.

Pour into two pie shells and bake for 15 minutes.

Rain falls through the shell of the echoing house.

II. verb




And the fighter revealed he's shelling out £20,000 for sparring partners Mike Weaver and Tony Tubbs, both former world champions.

And for this sort of performance, local taxpayers shell out roughly $ 360, 000 a year.

In practice, they so mistrust the secrecy and alleged profligacy of Central Office that they refuse to shell out .

But how readily will they shell out hundreds for a similar-sized piece of software?

They wanted to get in the diocesan surveyor to have a look at it before they shelled out for repairs.

If play improvements are only incremental, why shell out the cash to buy a 32-bit rig or an N64?

They had difficulties in re-paying, he took their benefit book, and they ended up shelling out £450.

He shelled out another $ 200.



Many have never shelled a pea .

We are peeling potatoes, forming tiny meatballs, browning chicken, shelling peas .


Add one pound of cooked, shelled shrimp.

Border towns have been shelled by enemy aircraft for the past two months.

British warships began shelling German positions along the coast.

They targeted the area's most vital structures, shelling power plants and hospitals.


And the possibility of further shelling was anything but remote in those days.

For instance, the network has shelled out big bucks to snare Bill Cosby for a new sitcom in the fall.

Others continue to shell out money.

Shooting and shelling erupt sporadically from both sides.

The complaint against them, it seems, is that they supplied the troops around Sarajevo who shelled and sniped at civilians.

The forces of tyranny and aggression shelled the Mandali suburbs, Khurmal and Darband-e-Khan with long-range artillery.

The site would be the Olympic stadium, which was heavily shelled but still stands.

They're being bombed and shelled every day and night just as in Sarajevo.

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