Meaning of OPEN in English


■ adjective

1》 allowing access, passage, or view; not closed, fastened, or restricted.

2》 exposed to the air or to view or attack; not covered or protected: an ~ boat.

↘(of land) not covered with buildings or trees.

↘( ~ to ) vulnerable or subject to.

↘(of a town or city) officially declared to be undefended, and so immune under international law from bombardment.

3》 spread out or unfolded.

↘(of a book) with the covers parted and able to be read.

4》 admitting customers or visitors; available for business.

↘freely available or accessible.

↘(of an offer or opportunity) still available.

5》 frank and communicative.

↘not concealed; manifest.

↘welcoming public discussion, criticism, and enquiry: ~ government.

6》 (of a matter) not finally settled.

↘(often ~ to ) receptive to new ideas.

↘( ~ to ) admitting of; making possible.

7》 Music (of a string) allowed to vibrate along its whole length.

↘(of a pipe) unstopped at each end.

8》 Phonetics (of a vowel) produced with a relatively wide ~ing of the mouth and the tongue kept low.

↘(of a syllable) ending in a vowel.

9》 (of an electric circuit) having a break in the conducting path.

10》 (of a fabric) loosely knitted or woven.

■ verb

1》 move (a door, window, etc.) so that it is ~.

↘undo or remove the cover or fastening of.

↘( ~ on to/into ) (of a door, window, etc.) give access to.

2》 unfold or be unfolded; spread out.

↘part the covers of (a book) to read it.

↘(of a prospect) extend into view.

3》 make or become ~ for customers or visitors.

↘ceremonially declare (a building, road, etc.) to be completed and ready for use.

4》 formally begin or establish.

↘( ~ up or ~ fire ) begin shooting.

↘(of a counsel in a law court) make a preliminary statement in (a case) before calling witnesses.

↘ Bridge make (the first bid) in the auction.

5》 make available or more widely known.

↘( ~ out/up ) become more communicative or confiding.

6》 break the conducting path of (an electric circuit).

■ noun

1》 ( the ~ ) outdoors or in the countryside.

↘(usu. in phr. in/into the ~ ) a lack of concealment or secrecy.

2》 ( Open ) a championship or competition with no restrictions on who may compete.

3》 an accidental break in the conducting path for an electric current.


the ~ air a free or unenclosed space outdoors.

in ~ court in a court of law, before the judge and the public.

~-and-shut (of a case or argument) admitting no doubt or dispute; straightforward.


~able adjective

~ness noun


OE ~ (adjective), ~ian (v.), of Gmc origin, from the root of the adverb up .

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.