Meaning of SEASON in English


■ noun

1》 each of the four divisions of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) marked by particular weather patterns and daylight hours.

↘the time of year when a particular fruit, vegetable, etc., is plentiful and in good condition.

2》 a period of the year characterized by an activity or event, especially a particular sport: the football ~.

↘( the ~ ) the time of year traditionally marked by fashionable upper-class social events.

3》 (usu. in phr. in ~ ) a period when a female mammal is ready to mate.

4》 archaic a proper or suitable time: to everything there is a ~.

↘an indefinite or unspecified period of time; a while.

■ verb

1》 add salt, herbs, or spices to (food).

2》 add an enlivening quality or feature to.

3》 keep (wood) so as to dry it for use as timber.

4》 [as adjective ~ed ] accustomed to particular conditions; experienced.


ME: from OFr. seson , from L. satio(n-) 'sowing', later 'time of sowing'.

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