Meaning of SEASON in English


n. & v.


1. each of the four divisions of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) associated with a type of weather and a stage of vegetation.

2 a time of year characterized by climatic or other features (the dry season).

3 a the time of year when a plant is mature or flowering etc. b the time of year when an animal breeds or is hunted.

4 a proper or suitable time.

5 a time when something is plentiful or active or in vogue.

6 (usu. prec. by the) high season.

7 the time of year regularly devoted to an activity (the football season).

8 the time of year dedicated to social life generally (went up to London for the season).

9 a period of indefinite or varying length.

10 Brit. colloq. season ticket.


1. tr. flavour (food) with salt, herbs, etc.

2 tr. enhance with wit, excitement, etc.

3 tr. temper or moderate.

4 tr. & intr. a make or become suitable or in the desired condition, esp. by exposure to the air or weather; mature. b make or become experienced or accustomed (seasoned soldiers).

Phrases and idioms:

in season

1. (of foodstuff) available in plenty and in good condition.

2 (of an animal) on heat.

3 timely. season ticket a ticket entitling the holder to any number of journeys, admittances, etc., in a given period.


seasoner n.

Etymology: ME f. OF seson f. L satio -onis (in Rmc sense 'seed-time') f. serere sat- sow

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