Meaning of GNU ARCHIVE SITE in English

< body > The main GNU FTP archive is on but copies (" mirrors ") of some or all of the files there are also held on many other computers around the world. To avoid overloading and the Internet you should FTP files from the machine closest to yours (you may be able to use traceroute to determine which is logically closest if it's not obvious from the transfer rate). Trans-ocean TCP/IP links are very expensive and usually very slow.

The following hosts mirror GNU files. Look for a directory like /pub/gnu, /mirrors/gnu, /systems/gnu or /archives/gnu. Electronic mail addresses of administrators and Internet address es are given for some hosts.

Original list .

Australia:, archie.oz,

Brazil: (, )


Europe: (

Finland: (, gnu-adm)

France:, ( )

Germany , , .

Israel: ( )


Korea: (

Netherlands:, (

Norway: (

South Africa:

Sweden:,,,, ,


Thailand: (, )

UK: (, , also sun cartridge or exabyte tapes); ( ); (also qic-21 and qic-24 tapes); (;; (, ).

USA:, (Silicon Valley, CA),, (Internet address, run by ),,,,,,,,,,, and

Western Canada: ( )


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