Meaning of POINT in English


1. < unit , text > (Sometimes abbreviated "pt") The unit of length for text characters . There are six slightly different definitions: Truchet point , Didot point , ATA point , TeX point , Postscript point , and IN point .

The most commonly used are ATA in the USA and Didot in Europe.

A twip is 1/20 of a PostScript[?] point.

Different point systems .


2. To move a pointing device so that the on-screen pointer is positioned over a certain object on the screen such as a button in a graphical user interface . In most window systems it is then necessary to click a (physical) button on the pointing device to activate or select the object. In some systems, just pointing to an object is known as "mouse-over" event which may cause some help text (called a "tool tip" in Windows ) to be displayed.


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