Meaning of BRUSH in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ brʌʃ ]

n. & v. --n. 1 an implement with bristles, hair, wire, etc. varying in firmness set into a block or projecting from the end of a handle, for any of various purposes, esp. cleaning or scrubbing, painting, arranging the hair, etc. 2 the application of a brush; brushing. 3 a (usu. foll. by with) a short esp. unpleasant encounter (a brush with the law). b a skirmish. 4 a the bushy tail of a fox. b a brushlike tuft. 5 Electr. a a piece of carbon or metal serving as an electrical contact esp. with a moving part. b (in full brush discharge) a brushlike discharge of sparks. 6 esp. US & Austral. a undergrowth, thicket; small trees and shrubs. b US such wood cut in faggots. c land covered with brush. d Austral. dense forest. 7 Austral. & NZ sl. a girl or young woman. --v. 1 tr. a sweep or scrub or put in order with a brush. b treat (a surface) with a brush so as to change its nature or appearance. 2 tr. a remove (dust etc.) with a brush. b apply (a liquid preparation) to a surface with a brush. 3 tr. & intr. graze or touch in passing. 4 intr. perform a brushing action or motion. øbrush aside dismiss or dispose of (a person, idea, etc.) curtly or lightly. brushed aluminium aluminium with a lustreless surface. brushed fabric fabric brushed so as to raise the nap. brush off rebuff; dismiss abruptly. brush-off n. a rebuff; an abrupt dismissal. brush over paint lightly. brush turkey Austral. a large mound-building bird, Alectura lathami. brush up 1 clean up or smarten. 2 revive one's former knowledge of (a subject). brush-up n. the process of cleaning up. øøbrushlike adj. brushy adj. [ME f. OF brosse]

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