Meaning of BURST in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ bə:st ]

v. & n. --v. (past and past part. burst) 1 a intr. break suddenly and violently apart by expansion of contents or internal pressure. b tr. cause to do this. c tr. send (a container etc.) violently apart. 2 a tr. open forcibly. b intr. come open or be opened forcibly. 3 a intr. (usu. foll. by in, out) make one's way suddenly, dramatically, or by force. b tr. break away from or through (the river burst its banks). 4 tr. & intr. fill or be full to overflowing. 5 intr. appear or come suddenly (burst into flame; burst upon the view; sun burst out). 6 intr. (foll. by into) suddenly begin to shed or utter (esp. burst into tears or laughter or song). 7 intr. be as if about to burst because of effort, excitement, etc. 8 tr. suffer bursting of (burst a blood-vessel). 9 tr. separate (continuous stationery) into single sheets. --n. 1 the act of or an instance of bursting; a split. 2 a sudden issuing forth (burst of flame). 3 a sudden outbreak (burst of applause). 4 a a short sudden effort; a spurt. b a gallop. 5 an explosion. øburst out 1 suddenly begin (burst out laughing). 2 exclaim. [OE berstan f. Gmc]

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