Meaning of BURST in English


[burst] vb burst also burst.ed ; [ME bersten, fr. OE berstan; akin to OHG brestan to burst] vi (bef. 12c) 1: to break open, apart, or into pieces usu. from impact or from pressure from within

2. a: to give way from an excess of emotion "my heart will ~" b: to give vent suddenly to a repressed emotion "~ into tears" "~ out laughing" 3 a: to emerge or spring suddenly "~ out of the house" "~ onto the scene" b: launch, plunge "~ into song"

4: to be filled to the breaking point "~ing with excitement" "a crate ~ing with fruit" ~ vt 1: to cause to burst

2: to force open (as a door) by strong or vigorous action

3: to produce by or as if by bursting -- burst at the seams : to be larger, fuller, or more crowded than could reasonably have been anticipated

[2]burst n (1610) 1 a: a sudden outbreak; esp: a vehement outburst (as of emotion) b: explosion, eruption c: a sudden intense effort "a ~ of speed" d: the duration of fire in one engagement of the mechanism of an automatic firearm

2: an act of bursting

3: a result of bursting; esp: a visible puff accompanying the explosion of a shell

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