Meaning of BURST in English


I. ˈbərst, ˈbə̄st, ˈbəist verb

( burst “ ; also bursted -tə̇d ; or archaic brast ˈbrast ; burst also bursted or archaic brast ; bursting ; bursts )

Etymology: Middle English bersten, bresten, from Old English berstan; akin to Old High German brestan to burst, Old Norse bresta to burst, Middle Irish brosc noise, and perhaps to Lithuanian brašketi to make a cracking noise

intransitive verb

1. : to break or fail by breaking when subjected to tension

the rope burst in two as they pulled

specifically : to splinter on impact — used especially of manual weapons (as swords or lances)


a. of a boil or similar lesion : to rupture and discharge its contents

the pain will ease when the abscess bursts

b. : to break to pieces especially from pressure from within : explode

the shell burst overhead

if you eat any more you will burst

broadly : to give way suddenly, explosively, or unexpectedly

the dam burst under the pressure of flood waters

he was ready to burst with disgust


a. : to pass from one place to another especially with great vigor against obstacles or on release from some restraint

he burst into the room

bursting free from the clinging mud

the water burst through the break in the dam

b. : to appear or disappear suddenly or unexpectedly — usually used with words expressing direction (as forth, out, away, into, through )

the sun burst through

the valley burst into view

c. : to make or undergo an abrupt change: as

(1) : to pass from a less to a more vigorous, ardent, or glowing state

the smoldering logs burst into flame

the whole slope will burst into bloom in another month

(2) : to come into bloom : open , unfold

buds are bursting on all the trees


a. : to give or receive sudden or unexpected release or expression (as of a cry previously repressed)

he let his fear burst out in a babble of meaningless chatter

they burst out laughing at the sight of us

b. : to make an abrupt beginning : launch , plunge — usually used with into and especially of expressions of emotion

he burst into song

bursting into a furious rage

he burst into print without adequate preparation


a. : to be full to the point of breaking open or overflowing

barns bursting with grain

streams bursting after the late thaw

b. : to be at the point of giving way to suppressed emotion

he was like to burst with fury

6. : to make a play in forty-one pool that scores more than 41 points

transitive verb


a. obsolete : break , shatter

b. : to break, rend, or shatter by or as if by violent action or by strain or pressure especially from within

a blow that nearly burst his skull

the ever-increasing number of children who are constantly bursting the walls of outmoded buildings — Saturday Review


a. : to force open (as a door) or open (as a way) by sudden or vigorous action

he burst his way through the underbrush

open up or we'll burst the door

b. : to produce (as an opening) by an act or through the effect of bursting

burst a hole through the wall

3. : to cause to burst

this warm weather will burst the buds in a hurry

Synonyms: see break

- burst at the seams

II. noun

( -s )


a. : a sudden intense outbreak (as of sound or light)

a burst of flames coming through the roof

one great burst of thunder

especially : a vehement outburst (as of emotion)

a burst of furious rage

b. : explosion , eruption

a burst of violence

especially : the explosion of a projectile

the devastating effect of ground bursts

c. : a brief, intense, or violent effort or exertion

reaching 102 miles per hour in one sustained burst — A.W.Baum

: spurt

put on a final burst of speed and crossed the line first

sometimes : a hard fast ride on horseback

d. : a series of shots fired from an automatic weapon by one pressure of the trigger ; also : the period covered by such a series

a 10-second burst


a. : an act of bursting

beech buds were near the burst — George Meredith

b. : a sudden and often unexpected breaking forth, expressing, or manifesting

in a burst of confidence he told me

a wild burst of sobbing

3. : a result of bursting:

a. : a flaw or break (as in a water pipe) produced by bursting

b. : a visible puff accompanying the blast of an antiaircraft shell

c. : an intense ionization caused by cosmic rays or by particles resulting from spallation and seen in a cloud chamber or photographic emulsion as a figure resembling a bursting artillery shell

d. : a sudden increase in signal strength of radio waves being received by ionospheric reflection that is believed to be caused by a disturbance of the ionosphere meteors

4. : a sudden unfolding to view : an expanse made visible

a fine burst of country — Jane Austen

5. : a play in the game of forty-one pool that scores more than 41 points and requires the player to begin again with no points

6. chiefly Britain : spree , blowout

III. adjective

also bursted “

: that has broken especially by reason of tension or stress

a burst bubble

burst seams

IV. transitive verb

: to separate (as a perforated continuous paper form) into sheets

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