Meaning of DEPTH in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ depθ ]

n. 1 a deepness (the depth is not great at the edge). b the measurement from the top down, from the surface inwards, or from the front to the back (depth of the drawer is 12 inches). 2 difficulty; abstruseness. 3 a sagacity; wisdom. b intensity of emotion etc. (the poem has little depth). 4 an intensity of colour, darkness, etc. 5 (in pl.) a deep water, a deep place; an abyss. b a low, depressed state. c the lowest or inmost part (the depths of the country). 6 the middle (in the depth of winter). ødepth-bomb (or -charge) a bomb capable of exploding under water, esp. for dropping on a submerged submarine etc. depth psychology psychoanalysis to reveal hidden motives etc. in depth comprehensively, thoroughly, or profoundly. in-depth adj. thorough; done in depth. out of one's depth 1 in water over one's head. 2 engaged in a task or on a subject too difficult for one. [ME (as DEEP, -TH(2))]

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