Meaning of DESERT in English

n. & adj. --n. a dry barren often sand-covered area of land, characteristically desolate, waterless, and without vegetation; an uninteresting or barren subject, period, etc. (a cultural desert). --adj. 1 uninhabited, desolate. 2 uncultivated, barren. ødesert boot a suede etc. boot reaching to or extending just above the ankle. desert island a remote (usu. tropical) island presumed to be uninhabited. desert rat Brit. colloq. a soldier of the 7th British armoured division (with the jerboa as a badge) in the N. African desert campaign of 1941-2. [ME f. OF f. L desertus, eccl.L desertum (n.), past part. of deserere leave, forsake]

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