Meaning of FAR in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ fɑ: ]

adv. & adj. (further, furthest or farther, farthest) --adv. 1 at or to or by a great distance (far away; far off; far out). 2 a long way (off) in space or time (are you travelling far?; we talked far into the night). 3 to a great extent or degree; by much (far better; far the best; far too early). --adj. 1 situated at or extending over a great distance in space or time; remote (a far cry; a far country). 2 more distant (the far end of the hall). øas far as 1 to the distance of (a place). 2 to the extent that (travel as far as you like). by far by a great amount. far and away by a very large amount. far and near everywhere. far and wide over a large area. far-away 1 remote; long-past. 2 (of a look) dreamy. 3 (of a voice) sounding as if from a distance. far be it from me (foll. by to + infin.) I am reluctant to (esp. express criticism etc.). far cry a long way. the Far East China, Japan, and other countries of E. Asia. Far Eastern of or in the Far East. far-fetched (of an explanation etc.) strained, unconvincing. far-flung extending far; widely distributed. far from very different from being; tending to the opposite of (the problem is far from being solved). far gone 1 advanced in time. 2 colloq. in an advanced state of illness, drunkenness, etc. far-off remote. far-out 1 distant. 2 avant-garde, unconventional, excellent. far-reaching 1 widely applicable. 2 having important consequences or implications. far-seeing shrewd in judgement; prescient. go far 1 achieve much. 2 contribute greatly. 3 be adequate. go too far go beyond the limits of what is reasonable, polite, etc. how far to what extent. so far 1 to such an extent or distance; to this point. 2 until now. so (or in so) far as (or that) to the extent that. so far so good progress has been satisfactory up to now. øøfarness n. [OE feorr]

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