Meaning of FAR in English

I. ˈfär, ˈfȧ(r adverb

( far·ther ˈfärthər, ˈfȧthə(r ; or fur·ther ˈfərthər, ˈfə̄thə(r, ˈfəithə(r, in southern US often ˈfəthə(r or ˈfəthər ; far·thest -thə̇st ; or fur·thest -thə̇st)

Etymology: Middle English fer, from Old English feorr; akin to Old High German ferro far, Old Norse fjarri, Gothic fairra far, Old English faran to go — more at fare


a. : to a considerable distance in space : to a remote place

wandered far from home

the force of the gale was felt far inland

b. : at a considerable distance in space : at a remote place

lived far up the mountain

2. : at a considerable distance in time

this was not far from the year 1115 — H.O.Taylor


a. : to a great extent : much — often used with comparatives and superlatives

the book is far richer than any of the others I have recommended — M.R.Ridley

b. : by a broad space : widely

the new site is never far distant from the old — C.D.Forde

c. : of a distinctly different quality or attitude — usually used with from

it is far from easy to say what makes a nominee … emerge as the successful candidate — H.J.Laski

news reporters are far from blind — F.L.Mott


a. : to an advanced point or extent : a long way

if the right peace officer is assigned to this contact work he can go far — Spencer Parratt

went far toward determining the schedule and character of all his subsequent service — J.C.Archer

drove the stake far into the ground

b. : to a late hour

works or reads far into the night — Gertrude Samuels

- by far

- how far

- so far

- thus far

II. adjective

( farther or further ; farthest or furthest )

Etymology: Middle English fer, from Old English feorr; akin to Old Frisian fīr far, Old Saxon ferr; derivative from the root of Old English feorr, adverb


a. : remote in space : distant

snow is shining on the far volcanoes — Muriel Rukeyser

b. : distinctly different in quality or relationship

c. : remote in time

go back in the far past to a common origin — A.L.Kroeber


a. : of a considerable distance : long

a far journey

b. : of notable extent : comprehensive

a man of far vision and deep convictions — Catalog of Hollins College

3. : the more distant of two

on the near side was a tobacconist's and on the far a public house — F.W.Crofts


dialect Britain

variant of where

IV. abbreviation

1. farad

2. farthing

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