Meaning of FAR in English

noun a young pig, or a litter of pigs.

2. far ·adv in great part; as, the day is far spent.

3. far ·adj widely different in nature or quality; opposite in character.

4. far ·adv in a great proportion; by many degrees; very much; deeply; greatly.

5. far ·adj distant in any direction; not near; remote; mutually separated by a wide space or extent.

6. far ·adv to a great extent or distance of space; widely; as, we are separated far from each other.

7. far ·adj remote from purpose; contrary to design or wishes; as, far be it from me to justify cruelty.

8. far ·adj remote in affection or obedience; at a distance, morally or spiritually; t enmity with; alienated.

9. far ·adv to a great distance in time from any point; remotely; as, he pushed his researches far into antiquity.

10. far ·adj the more distant of two; as, the far side (called also off side) of a horse, that is, the right side, or the one opposite to the rider when he mounts.

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