Meaning of IF in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ɪf ]

conj. & n. --conj. 1 introducing a conditional clause: a on the condition or supposition that; in the event that (if he comes I will tell him; if you are tired we will rest). b (with past tense) implying that the condition is not fulfilled (if I were you; if I knew I would say). 2 even though (I'll finish it, if it takes me all day). 3 whenever (if I am not sure I ask). 4 whether (see if you can find it). 5 a expressing wish or surprise (if I could just try!; if it isn't my old hat!). b expressing a request (if you wouldn't mind opening the door?). 6 with implied reservation, = and perhaps not (very rarely if at all). 7 (with reduction of the protasis to its significant word) if there is or it is etc. (took little if any). 8 despite being (a useful if cumbersome device). --n. a condition or supposition (too many ifs about it). øif only 1 even if for no other reason than (I'll come if only to see her). 2 (often ellipt.) an expression of regret (if only I had thought of it; if only I could swim!). if so if that is the case. [OE gif]

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