Meaning of IMPRESSION in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ɪmˈpreʃən ]

n. 1 an effect produced (esp. on the mind or feelings). 2 a notion or belief (esp. a vague or mistaken one) (my impression is they are afraid). 3 an imitation of a person or sound, esp. done to entertain. 4 a the impressing of a mark. b a mark impressed. 5 an unaltered reprint from standing type or plates (esp. as distinct from edition). 6 a the number of copies of a book, newspaper, etc., issued at one time. b the printing of these. 7 a print taken from a wood engraving. 8 Dentistry a negative copy of the teeth or mouth made by pressing them into a soft substance. øøimpressional adj. [ME f. OF f. L impressio -onis f. imprimere impress- (as IN-(2), PRESS(1))]

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