Meaning of KNIFE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ naɪf ]

n. & v. --n. (pl. knives) 1 a a metal blade used as a cutting tool with usu. one long sharp edge fixed rigidly in a handle or hinged (cf. PENKNIFE). b a similar tool used as a weapon. 2 a cutting-blade forming part of a machine. 3 (as the knife) a surgical operation or operations. 1 cut or stab with a knife. 2 sl. bring about the defeat of (a person) by underhand means. øat knife-point threatened with a knife or an ultimatum etc. before you can say knife colloq. very quickly or suddenly. get one's knife into treat maliciously or vindictively, persecute. knife-board a board on which knives are cleaned. knife-edge 1 the edge of a knife. 2 a position of extreme danger or uncertainty. 3 a steel wedge on which a pendulum etc. oscillates. 4 = AR°TE. knife-grinder 1 a travelling sharpener of knives etc. 2 a person who grinds knives etc. during their manufacture. knife-machine a machine for cleaning knives. knife-pleat a narrow flat pleat on a skirt etc., usu. overlapping another. knife-rest a metal or glass support for a carving-knife or -fork at table. knife-throwing a circus etc. act in which knives are thrown at targets. that one could cut with a knife colloq. (of an accent, atmosphere, etc.) very obvious, oppressive, etc. øøknifelike adj. knifer n. [OE cnif f. ON knÂfr f. Gmc]

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