Meaning of KNIFE in English


I. noun


a knife/gun attack

He was sentenced to nine years in prison for the knife attack.

a knife/sword fight

There have been several arrests, following knife fights between drunken fans.

a stab/knife wound

Her body was found with 37 stab wounds at her home in William Street.

carving knife

craft knife

flick knife

knives and forks

Put the knives and forks on the table.

palette knife

paper knife


Repeatedly she plunged the knife into his chest.

pocket knife

pull a gun/knife (on sb) (= take one out, ready to use it )

sheath knife

Stanley knife




When the cake is cool, slice it across with a large knife to make two cakes.

Using a small cleaver or a large , heavy knife , cut the hind leg across the bone into 2 pieces.

Scrape a large sharp knife across the surface, shaving off rolls of very fine chocolate.

Both of them carried what might have been large knives under their shirts.

The breakfast lay untouched on the table, but the large knife was missing.

Two men throw a large knife into a tree, playing a game.

Rachael had hidden a large kitchen knife in his jeans pocket and smuggled it in unchecked.

A large cold knife was held to my forehead, to bring out the bruise, then butter was applied.


Tepilit runs up to the lion, draws his long knife from its sheath and sticks it into the lion's throat.

The long knives are out again for Boris Yeltsin.

And to warn him the long knives were out.

Sapt was carrying a long rope and I had a short, thick stick and a long knife .


Take a sharp knife and cut the roll into four equal lengths.

Using a sharp knife , remove all of the white pith, which is quite bitter.

With a cheese slicer or sharp knife , shave thin strips of cheese over pesto.

To repair the defect, first use a sharp knife to make two cuts at right angles across the blister.

Remove the skin by scraping with a sharp knife .

Turn the leaf over and use a sharp knife to cut each of the main veins on the leaf.

That night she must hide a sharp knife and a lamp near her bed.


Athelstan carefully ripped the canvas open with the small knife he always carried.

Cokley managed to remove a small pocket knife from his pocket and cut Deering on the leg.

In contrast, Pic 18 shows two small knife handles.

With a small knife , cut through the wishbone and the white cartilage just below it.

He threatened her with a small knife and assaulted her.

Make several deep incisions in the beef fillet using a small knife .

The farmer and his family were delighted to watch me eating food with my own small knife and fork.

Use a very sharp small knife .



Tensions were already running high after the knife attack on an Arsenal supporter the night before.


To avoid further embarrassment he took the butter knife plus the bit of butter with him.

Tillman compressed his lips and, with a butter knife , dug at a smudge of paste stuck to his tee shirt.

Dessert cutlery is set above the place mat; butter knife is on the side plate.

A kindergartner gets caught with a butter knife in his school backpack and is expelled for carrying a concealed weapon.

Use the butter knife to spread the honey-butter on the bread.


His carving knife was only about half an inch wide at the centre where constant sharpening had worn it away.

Dropping down into the galley for a carving knife , he cut the rope loose from his neck.

Her son had been stabbed twice through the back with a carving knife , as he lay in his cot.

Surprise doesn't register, instead, Devito plunges an eight-inch carving knife purposefully and repeatedly into the victim's stomach.

People who wielded axes and carving knives .

It would be nicer to behead her with a carving knife .

In fact, we all knew he was sharp, sharp as a carving knife .

The carving knife is in the sideboard drawer.


They had known they were on the knife edge , and interest rates had been at 8 percent.

It's balanced on a knife edge .

Wood is also reasonably kind to the knife edge .

The news was a body blow and for several months the company was on a knife edge .

The lower 2 inches or so can be sharpened, to almost a knife edge .

He was dressed in casual wear: grey sweater and slacks with knife edge creases.

It was like living on a knife edge .


Pic 14: Segmented folding knife handle , value £30.00.

The knife handle was found in Colchester and may have been used by a legionary.

The knife - the crucial prop here - is visually represented by a fist clenched as though round the knife handle .

Pic 18: Top Celtic bronze knife handle , value £120.

The female figure on the knife handle appears to resemble Aphrodite or Venus, the goddess of love.


Dara seized a kitchen knife and tried to defend himself, but the thugs overpowered him.

Police found Ronald Frazier, 30, wounded in the neck, apparently stabbed with a kitchen knife .

Rachael had hidden a large kitchen knife in his jeans pocket and smuggled it in unchecked.

After a few minutes he managed to crack open the lock with a kitchen knife .

Still disbelieving its reality, I searched for a kitchen knife .

Detectives hunting Damilola's killers have found a kitchen knife with cloth wrapped around the handle and a broken bottle.

Scrambling, she got to her feet and made a grab at the kitchen knife at the sink.

A number than went for him and it was then Mr Johnson brandished a kitchen knife .


Spread on to the cake drum, blending the colours together with a palette knife to create a sea effect.

Turn over each slice with a palette knife and cook the other side for another 2 minutes.

Remove the pan from the heat, then slide the palette knife round the edge again.

Make little peaks in the sea with the palette knife .

Press it down lightly and smooth over the top with a palette knife .

In one scene Dustin had to tear into one of his canvases with a palette knife .

Leave to dry overnight before gently bending back the waxed paper and lifting off the piped outlines with a palette knife .

These days they range from palette knives , sponges, six inch household paint brushes or fingers.


After some thought, I was able to cut the rope near the stern with my pocket knife lashed to a paddle.

Cokley managed to remove a small pocket knife from his pocket and cut Deering on the leg.

Folded pocket knives with blades less than three inches long will also be exempt.

Where the water dripped on to my dirt floor, I scraped a trench with my pocket knife to let it drain out.

Me, I like to carry a pocket knife .


Most had been shot; some had knife wounds .

A post-mortem examination disclosed she had died from a single knife wound , which had severed the artery.

But Professor Burney said that the knife wound measures one and four-tenths inches across.

Nor that Mrs Jenkins emerged from the confusion with a knife wound .

We see a different connection, because of the knife wounds ... I shall never get any further in this force, lad.

He was castrated and his body bore extensive cigarette burns and bullet and knife wounds .

Police were called by neighbours and found 2 others, a woman and her son, suffering from knife wounds .

Mrs Lundberg is in hospital with knife wounds , her son has been treated and released.



Once he was armed with a knife .

The police claimed that the man was armed with a knife and was shot whilst resisting arrest.


Maybe young people carry knives for effect, without considering possible consequences.

Me, I like to carry a pocket knife .

She would be prepared to go into schools and talk to young people about violence and the danger of carrying knives .

I hope that the Minister will consider that package of measures to stop people carrying knives and to change the ethos.

People should not carry a knife at any time and particularly not at Christmas.

But she was spared from that ordeal when Anthony Bourgois pleaded guilty to charges of false imprisonment and carrying a knife .

Gregory Pailthorpe admitted carrying a knife and possessing cannabis.

It was a matter of horror to me and my wife that such a young lad could carry that knife .


A remarkable feature of the mountain is the tremendous gash on its eastern face, looking as though cut by a giant knife .

The curds are lifted on to muslin-covered racks and cut through with a knife before they are left to drain.

A hill would begin to swell and then drop off suddenly, as if cut through by a knife .

The first is cut with a knife along the grain, the second on the cross-section with a burin.

Although royal icing should be firm, it should not be so hard that it can not be cut with a knife .

So highly regarded was the mistletoe, that it had to be cut with a golden knife .

Leonard Perkes, 80, was beaten, jabbed with a screwdriver and had his toes cut with a knife .


But this time he drew out his knife and showed it to me with a meaningful glance.

From under his blanket, Crazy Horse drew a knife and began slashing back and forth in an attempt to get out.

Horne's mailed executioner carefully cleaned the sword, drew his knife and knelt beside the blood-gushing torso of his victim.

Doubled up he drew his knife , eyes behind the vizor desperately searching the inky blackness.

Hayes, who drew a knife during the raid bid in Lewisham, South London, had nine O-levels.

Tepilit runs up to the lion, draws his long knife from its sheath and sticks it into the lion's throat.

Our recipes assume all spoon measures are level; draw a knife over the top of the spoon.

The man looked around and then, almost absent-mindedly, drew a shod throwing knife from his bandolier and hurled it.


Then he realised one was holding a knife to his throat.

I saw his hand holding the knife and then it disappeared into the tube.

In his right hand he's holding a curved knife with a short wooden handle.

In between his teeth he was holding a huge knife .

They held the knife up against the baby's face and grabbed the bag containing £95.

Raiders hold knife at baby's throat.

It was oval in shape, and on it was the figure of a youth holding a knife .

His hands reached over Matta's shoulders, holding the knife and the doll.


He pulled out the knife and stood over the corpse.

Benton pulled the knife free of his belt, leant forward and touched the blade to Donna's left knee.

Allen pulled out his knife and jabbed at the animal's flank where the stirrup hung.

He then pulled a knife out from his jeans and held it to her throat.

He pulled out a knife and ordered Mr Godwin to stop.

Mr Kerr had stepped in and overpowered the accused, who then had pulled a knife and stabbed him repeatedly.


Saints twisted the knife with a glorious try from Tony Sullivan, set up by Gary Connolly.

The tragedy is that you have to twist the knife in your own gray matter to make this defense work.

Don't I ever surprise you, and twist a knife in your heart?

Glancing at his figure, Laura felt the old longing for him twist like a knife in her stomach.


Remove pit. Use a knife to a criss-cross pattern through the fruit, but not through the skin.

Cut into three layers using a serrated knife .

What he needed was a way to remove the huge tumor on his tongue without using a knife .

But I knew that he wouldn't use the knife until the ship was safely on the beach.

The standard three knife block can be replaced with a Tersa block that uses helical disposable knives if desired.

He used his X-Acto knife to cut a new signature strip from a sheet of opaque paper.


People who wielded axes and carving knives .

The teen-ager reportedly said he saw a stranger wielding a knife , and ran from the house when the man threatened him.

Read in studio A woman has been raped in her own home by a masked man wielding a knife .

Despite all this wielding of scalpel and knife some issues remain resolutely fudged.


the flat of sb's hand/a knife/a sword etc

you could cut the atmosphere with a knife


A particular knife perhaps, or some other essential-at-the-time utensil?

Cleaning the inner brushes of the machine was a time-consuming affair if grease was left on the knives.

Men fought with bottles and knives, and with guns within easy reach.

She was working as a petrol station cashier when armed robbers threatened her with a knife during a raid.

The dark figure turns out to be a No. 3 male and the shiny object is a knife .

Use a knife to a criss-cross pattern through the fruit, but not through the skin.

When her husband was fast asleep she must leave the bed, light the lamp, and get the knife .

II. verb


the flat of sb's hand/a knife/a sword etc


A spontaneous shiver of delight knifed through Mattie.

An electricity pylon was knocked over and one person was knifed.

Deirdre's knifed beside the sour canal...

It is believed she was knifed to death.

One was a stabbing spree in which 12 cabdrivers got knifed in one week by a lone assailant.

When they met a few days later in Benghazi they quarrelled and the Zliten boy knifed the Zuwayi in the arm.

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