Meaning of LOT in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ lɔt ]

n. & v. --n. 1 colloq. (prec. by a or in pl.) a a large number or amount (a lot of people; lots of chocolate). b colloq. much (a lot warmer; smiles a lot; is lots better). 2 a each of a set of objects used in making a chance selection. b this method of deciding (chosen by lot). 3 a share, or the responsibility resulting from it. 4 a person's destiny, fortune, or condition. 5 esp. US a plot; an allotment of land (parking lot). 6 an article or set of articles for sale at an auction etc. 7 a number or quantity of associated persons or things. (lotted, lotting) divide into lots. øbad lot a person of bad character. cast (or draw) lots decide by means of lots. throw in one's lot with decide to share the fortunes of. the (or the whole) lot the whole number or quantity. a whole lot colloq. very much (is a whole lot better). [OE hlot portion, choice f. Gmc]

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