Meaning of LOT in English

I. ˈlät, usu -äd.+V noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English hlot; akin to Old High German luz share of land, Old Norse hlutr lot, share, hlautr, Gothic hlauts lot, Lithuanian kliudyti to cause to hook on, and perhaps to Latin claudere to close — more at close

1. : an object (as a piece of wood, pebble, die, straw) used as one of the counters in determining a question by the chance fall or choice of one or more of them — see sortilege


a. : the use of lots or an equivalent process (as counting off) as a means of deciding something

one was chosen by lot to represent the group

b. : the choice resulting from such process

the lot fell on the youngest member


a. : something that comes to or happens to one upon whom a choice by lot has fallen : share , part , allotment

the will provided for equal lots for all the children

you have neither part nor lot in this matter — Acts 8: 21 (Revised Standard Version)

b. : one's way of life or one's share of worldly reward or privation determined by chance, fate, or divine providence : fortune , destiny

the lot of man, to suffer and to die — Alexander Pope

a policeman's lot is not a happy one — W.S.Gilbert

one of those women who have always been resigned to the limitations of their lot — Nadine Gordimer

4. obsolete : a customs fee : tax , duty

5. obsolete

a. : a lottery prize

b. : a prizewinning lottery ticket


a. : an allotment or portion of land set aside for a special purpose

each settler was awarded a lot

pasture lot

burial lot

circus lot

used-car lot

b. : a measured parcel of land having fixed boundaries and designated on a plot or survey

farm cut up into house lots

building lot

c. : a parcel of land in fact used for, intended for, or appropriated to a common purpose

manufacturing lot

refuse lot

d. chiefly North : a small pasture

e. chiefly South & Midland : cow pen , barnyard

f. : parking lot

g. : a motion-picture studio and its adjoining property


a. : a number of units of an article

stationery lot

or a parcel of articles offered as one item (as in an auction sale)

b. : all the members of a present group, kind, or quantity — used with the

one more suitcase to carry out and that is the lot

when you've seen one you've seen the lot


a. : a number of associated persons : crew , set , crowd

got in with a hard-drinking poker-playing lot

his wife's family were a queer and stubborn lot

nothing but a lot of busybodies

not an honest man in the lot

b. : kind , sort

stay away from him, he's a bad lot

recruits were a sorry lot

9. : a considerable quantity or number : great deal

lot of money

lot of trouble

there are lots of books on the subject

— often used adverbially with a

feels a lot better now

Synonyms: see fate

II. verb

( lotted ; lotted ; lotting ; lots )

Etymology: Middle English lotten, from lot, n.

intransitive verb

: to cast or draw lots

transitive verb

1. : to form or divide into lots

lot land

lot fruit for market

— often used with out

lot out goods in parcels

2. : allot , apportion

3. obsolete : to draw lots for

- lot on

III. abbreviation


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