Meaning of STONE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ stəun ]

n. & v. --n. 1 a solid non-metallic mineral matter, of which rock is made. b a piece of this, esp. a small piece. 2 Building a = LIMESTONE (Portland stone). b = SANDSTONE (Bath stone). 3 Mineral. = precious stone. 4 a stony meteorite, an aerolite. 5 (often in comb.) a piece of stone of a definite shape or for a particular purpose (tombstone; stepping-stone). 6 a a thing resembling stone in hardness or form, e.g. the hard case of the kernel in some fruits. b Med. (often in pl.) a hard morbid concretion in the body esp. in the kidney or gall-bladder (gallstones). 7 (pl. same) Brit. a unit of weight equal to 14 lb. (6.35 kg). 8 (attrib.) a made of stone. b of the colour of stone. 1 pelt with stones. 2 remove the stones from (fruit). 3 face or pave etc. with stone. øcast (or throw) stones (or the first stone) make aspersions on a person's character etc. leave no stone unturned try all possible means. Stone Age a prehistoric period when weapons and tools were made of stone. stone-coal anthracite. stone-cold completely cold. stone-cold sober completely sober. stone the crows Brit. sl. an exclamation of surprise or disgust. stone curlew any mottled brown and grey wader of the family Burhinidae, esp. Burhinus oedicnemus, inhabiting esp. stony open country. stone-dead completely dead. stone-deaf completely deaf. stone-fruit a fruit with flesh or pulp enclosing a stone. stone parsley an umbelliferous hedge-plant, Sison amomum, with aromatic seeds. stone pine a S. European pine-tree, Pinus pinea, with branches at the top spreading like an umbrella. stone-pit a quarry. a stone's throw a short distance. øøstoned adj. (also in comb.). stoneless adj. stoner n. [OE stan f. Gmc]

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