Meaning of WINDOWS 2000 in English

the updated name for the Windows NT operating system from Microsoft Corporation that looks and feels somewhat like Microsoft Windows but is far more powerful in multitasking and computing speed of a 32-bit architecture memory access. NT has extensive networking capabilities as well as being a full 32-bit processor. Most present Windows users, however, will not be able to use NT without buying more powerful computers and becoming accustomed to its lack of object-oriented features. Many experts see Windows 2000 as the operating system of choice in future networks, although networking and efforts of Sun, Novell, to stay in the market have do not make it a sure thing. McGee (1994) reports that, although Hewlett-Packard would rather stay entirely in its popular UNIX networking operating system, the company recognizes Windows 2000 as such a threat to UNIX that Hewlett-Packard is also expanding its operating system to include Windows 2000. According the HP's CEO, "...three or four years down the road, NT-related systems could become significant revenue generators." (As quoted in McGee (1994) , p. 22.) (See also Windows DNA , Windows Cairo , Windows Chicago , Operating system , Alpha processor , and OS/2 )

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