Meaning of BEST in English


1. better than all others

2. the best people or things in a group

3. the best part of something

4. when you do something better than you have ever done before


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1. better than all others

▷ best /best/ [adjective]

better than anything or anyone else :

▪ The best ice cream in the world is made in Italy.

▪ What’s the best way to cook sweet potatoes?

by far the best/easily the best

much better than any others

▪ It was by far the best vacation I’ve ever had.

somebody’s best

▪ I’ve read most of his books, but ‘Mosquito Coast’ is easily his best.

best [adverb]

▪ What kind of wine do you like best?

▪ It was the best-organized conference I’ve ever attended.

▷ greatest /ˈgreɪtɪst, ˈgreɪtəst/ [adjective]

the best and most important that there has ever been :

▪ New Yorkers think they live in the greatest city on earth.

▪ Picasso is generally regarded as the greatest artist of the 20th century.

▪ Gorbachev’s greatest achievement was ending the Cold War.

▷ finest /ˈfaɪnɪst, ˈfaɪnəst/ [adjective]

the best and highest quality, or the best and most skilful :

▪ Hemingway was the finest American writer of his generation.

▪ The Silver Pavilion is one of the finest examples of Japanese architecture.

▪ Many people regard Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony as his finest work.

▪ The gallery’s collection of early Impressionist paintings is one of the world’s finest.

▷ ideal /ˌaɪˈdɪəl◂/ [adjective]

the best and most suitable :

▪ The ideal candidate will have a degree and at least two years’ experience.

▪ I’m afraid the accommodation here is far from ideal.

ideal for

▪ The conditions are ideal for a day’s skiing.

ideal for doing something

▪ The town makes an ideal base for exploring the surrounding countryside.

▷ top /tɒpǁtɑːp/ [adjective only before noun]

the most skilful, most successful, and most famous :

▪ He is definitely one of the world’s top golfers.

▪ The prize is to have your hair done at a top New York salon.

▷ number one /ˌnʌmbəʳ ˈwʌn/ [adjective only before noun]

the person who is most successful in their company or in the type of work that they do :

▪ For three years, he was the company’s number one salesman.

▪ Sweden’s number one model has married American actor Tommy Haines.

▷ the /ðiː/ [determiner]

the place/shop/person/authority etc

use this to say that something is the best one of its kind. Pronounce it as ‘thee’ instead of ‘thuh’ :

▪ Manhattan’s East Village is the place for exciting nightlife.

▪ Our guest speaker today is the authority on Chinese politics.

▷ ultimate /ˈʌltɪmət, ˈʌltəmət/ [adjective usually before noun]

the ultimate person or thing is the very best of their type that there has ever been, and it is hard to believe that anything could ever be better :

▪ Monroe was the ultimate Hollywood movie star.

▪ For many people, the Rolling Stones will always be the world’s ultimate rock and roll band.

the ultimate in

▪ Our first-class passengers enjoy the ultimate in luxury and service.

▷ optimum /ˈɒptɪməm, ˈɒptəməmǁˈɑːp-/ [adjective only before noun]

the best that can be achieved or the best for a particular purpose - used especially in scientific contexts :

▪ The optimum temperature for producing steel is around 1200C.

▷ definitive /dɪˈfɪnɪtɪv, dɪˈfɪnətɪv/ [adjective]

the definitive description, study etc is considered to be the best and cannot be improved - use this about a book or piece of work that is the best of its kind :

▪ Griffin is the author of the definitive travel guide ‘France at Your Fingertips’.

▪ This may be the definitive book on the Scarlatti trial.

▪ Many people regard it as the definitive interpretation of ‘War and Peace’.

▷ unsurpassed /ˌʌnsəʳˈpɑːst◂ǁ-ˈpæst◂/ [adjective] formal

if something is unsurpassed, nothing else has ever been better - use this about qualities or achievements :

▪ His genius as a dramatist is unsurpassed.

▪ Venice is a city of unsurpassed beauty.

▷ record-breaking /ˈrekɔːd ˌbreɪkɪŋǁˈrekərd-/ [adjective only before noun]

a record-breaking result, temperature, time etc is the highest, largest, fastest etc that has ever been achieved :

▪ A record-breaking five hundred thousand people attended the festival.

▪ Record-breaking temperatures are being forecast for the weekend.

2. the best people or things in a group

▷ the best /ðə ˈbest/ [singular noun]

▪ She was the best in her class at college.

▪ I chose a Japanese camera because I wanted to have the best.

the best in his/her field

the person who knows most about a particular subject

▪ When it comes to cancer research, Professor Williams is probably the best in her field.

▷ star /stɑːʳ/ [countable noun]

the best player in a team, the best student in a class etc :

▪ Sonya’s the class star.

star of

▪ They’re all strong players, but Laura’s undoubtedly the star of the team.

star player/performer/student/pupil etc

▪ Woodward continues to be the Post’s star reporter.

▷ the cream of /ðə ˈkriːm ɒv/ [noun phrase]

the small number of people who are the very best in a particular group, because they are the most intelligent or the most highly skilled :

▪ The cream of India’s scientists are being attracted abroad by highly paid jobs.

the cream of the crop

the best people or things in a particular group

▪ Universities such as Harvard accept only the cream of the crop.

▷ elite /eɪˈliːt, ɪ-/ [adjective only before noun]

elite troops/group/college etc

a group of people who are the best, and most highly trained or educated :

▪ The palace is guarded by elite troops loyal to the president.

▪ In 1978 he joined the CRS, France’s elite corps of riot police.

the elite [singular noun]

▪ The Parachute Regiment are the elite of the British armed forces.

▷ the best of the bunch also the pick of the bunch /ðə ˌbest əv ðə ˈbʌntʃ, ðə ˌpɪk əv ðə ˈbʌntʃ/ [noun phrase] British informal

the one that you think is the best among a group of people or things, especially a small group :

▪ This last poem’s my favorite -- definitely the pick of the bunch.

▪ They’ve come out with several good wines this year, but in my opinion the chardonnay is the best of the bunch.

3. the best part of something

▷ the best part also the best bit British informal /ðə ˈbest ˌpɑːʳt, ðə ˈbest ˌbɪt/ [noun phrase]

the best part of something such as an occasion, event etc :

▪ The best part of the movie is the ending.

▪ What was the best part of your vacation?

▷ highlight /ˈhaɪlaɪt/ [countable noun]

the best and most exciting part of something such as a journey, a film, or a period of time :

▪ When I was young, Christmas was the highlight of the year.

▪ We were looking forward to seeing the pyramids, which promised to be the highlight of our trip.

▷ the high point /ðə ˈhaɪ pɔɪnt/ [noun phrase]

the best part of something, or the best moment of something :

▪ The two days we spent in Granada were the high point of our trip.

▪ Winning the 1994 World Championship was probably the high point of his career.

▷ pièce de résistance /piˌes də reziːˈstɑːns/ [noun phrase]

the best and most impressive part of something that someone has made, especially a meal :

▪ And now for my pièce de résistance -- wild mushrooms cooked in red wine.

4. when you do something better than you have ever done before

▷ at your best /ət jɔːʳ ˈbest/ [adverb]

when you are at your best you are performing at your highest level of skill :

▪ At his best, he’s one of the most exciting tennis players in the world.

▪ This recording captures Grappelli at his very best.

▷ be on top form /biː ɒn ˌtɒp ˈfɔːʳmǁ-ˌtɑːp-/ British /be in top form /biː ɪn ˌtɒp ˈfɔːʳm‖-ˌtɑːp/ American [verb phrase]

if someone who is good at doing something is on top form, they are doing it as well as they can :

▪ ‘Sue gave a really good speech last night.’ ‘Yes, she was on top form.’

▪ If the Yankees are in top form there is no one that can beat them.

▷ be at your peak /biː ət jɔːʳ ˈpiːk/ [verb phrase]

if someone, especially a sports person, is at their peak, they are at the time in their life when they are playing best, running best etc :

▪ Long-distance runners are usually at their peak in their mid-30s.

▪ When he was at his peak, Nicklaus was one of the best golfers there has ever been.

▷ be at the height of your powers /biː ət ðə ˌhaɪt əv jɔːʳ ˈpaʊəʳz/ [verb phrase]

if someone such as a great writer or musician is at the height of their powers, they are doing the best work of their whole life :

▪ When Orwell wrote ‘Animal Farm’, he was at the height of his powers.

▪ The film shows Jimi Hendrix, at the height of his powers, giving a brilliant version of ‘All Along the Watchtower’.

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