Meaning of BEST in English

adj. 1 superlative, unexcelled, finest, pre-eminent, first, superb, unsurpassed, superior, excellent, paramount, first-rate, Colloq A-1, A-one Henry VIII was the best rider, the best lance, and the best archer in England 2 kindest, most beneficent, nicest Which of your brothers is the best to you? 3 foremost, choicest, pre-eminent, most suitable, most appropriate, most qualified, most talented, most desirable, most outstanding We want the best person to fill the job 4 largest, most, greatest She had travelled the best part of the way by ship 5 richest, wealthiest; first-class, upper crust, upper-class He associates only with those he considers to be the best people

n. 6 finest; first The best is yet to come 7 finery, best clothes, Colloq best bib and tucker He was all decked out in his Sunday best 8 greatest or maximum effort He did his best but it wasn't enough to win

adv. 9 most excellently, to the fullest extent, in the most suitable way, most adroitly, most skilfully, most superbly, most artistically All the children performed well, but Alice performed best 10 with greatest satisfaction, most successfully He who laughs last laughs best

v. 11 win (out) over, conquer, beat, surpass, overpower, get the better of, subdue, defeat, worst, vanquish, trounce, rout, crush, master, outdo, overwhelm, overcome, outwit He was bested in three falls out of four

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