Meaning of CARRY in English



1. to carry something or someone

2. carrying a lot of things

3. to regularly carry something in your pocket, bag etc

4. designed to be carried


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1. to carry something or someone

▷ carry /ˈkæri/ [transitive verb]

to take something from one place to another, by holding it in your hands, lifting it on your back etc :

▪ A porter helped me carry my bags.

carry something to/out of/around etc

▪ The women have to carry water from the well to the village.

▪ I’ve been carrying this tape-recorder around with me all day.

▷ bear /beəʳ/ [transitive verb] formal or written

to carry something, especially something important :

▪ A messenger arrived, bearing a letter from the ambassador.

▪ At the head of the procession a group of dark-suited men bore the coffin into the church.

▷ tote /təʊt/ [transitive verb] American informal

to carry something :

▪ My job was to tote their golf bags and wash their cars.

▪ a gun-toting cowboy

▷ lug also schlep American /lʌg, ʃlep/ [transitive verb] informal

to carry something heavy with difficulty :

▪ We lugged our suitcases up the hotel steps.

▪ I’ve got enough to carry without lugging your bags as well.

▷ cart /kɑːʳt/ [transitive verb] informal

to carry something that is awkward or heavy :

cart something down/out etc

▪ Madge picked up the box and carted it out to the back yard.

▪ I’m not going to cart your shopping around all afternoon.

2. carrying a lot of things

▷ be loaded (down) with also be laden with /biː ˌləʊdə̇d (ˈdaʊn) wɪð, biː ˈleɪdn wɪð/ [verb phrase]

to be carrying a lot of things, so that you cannot carry any more :

▪ Cora was loaded down with two 70-pound suitcases.

▪ A van loaded with newspapers was parked in front of the store.

▪ She was carrying a tray laden with dishes.

be heavily loaded/laden with something

▪ The bus was heavily laden with passengers and baggage.

▷ be weighed down with/by /biː ˌweɪd ˈdaʊn wɪð, baɪ/ [verb phrase]

to be carrying or holding so many things that it is difficult to move or impossible to hold any more :

▪ The branches of the trees were weighed down with fruit.

▪ She struggled along the street, weighed down by bags.

▷ under the weight of /ˌʌndəʳ ðə ˈweɪt ɒv/ [preposition]

if someone or something falls or moves unsteadily under the weight of of something, they do this because they are carrying something that is too heavy for them to support :

▪ Paul staggered under the weight of two backpacks.

▷ overloaded /ˌəʊvəʳˈləʊdɪd◂, ˌəʊvəʳˈləʊdəd◂/ [adjective]

if a vehicle is overloaded, it is holding or carrying too many things, with the result that it can only move slowly and it may not be safe :

▪ The plane was dangerously overloaded.

▪ The car was so overloaded the bumpers were almost touching the ground.

3. to regularly carry something in your pocket, bag etc

▷ carry /ˈkæri/ [transitive verb]

carry money/a chequebook/a gun etc

to regularly carry something valuable or something that you need in your pocket or bag :

▪ The new mobile phones are slim enough to carry in your pocket.

▪ You should always carry at least a little cash with you in case of an emergency.

4. designed to be carried

▷ portable /pɔːʳtəb ə l/ [adjective usually before noun]

portable TV/typewriter/CD player

a television, computer etc that is specially designed so that you can carry it around with you :

▪ There’s a portable CD player in the kitchen.

▪ Greenaway still writes his novels on an old portable typewriter.

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