Meaning of INSTRUCTIONS in English



1. information about how to do something or about what to do


tell or order someone to do something : ↑ TELL

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1. information about how to do something or about what to do

▷ instructions /ɪnˈstrʌkʃ ə nz/ [plural noun]

written or spoken information telling someone what to do or how something should be done :

▪ I can’t get the computer to work and I’ve lost the instructions.

give/leave (somebody) instructions

▪ As the teacher, it’s your job to give clear instructions to the children.

instructions for

▪ Mum was going to work, so she left me some instructions for supper.

▪ The President issued instructions for the continuance of the attack.

follow/carry out (somebody’s) instructions

do what the instructions tell you

▪ I’ve followed the instructions, but the machine still isn’t working.

▪ Mr Evans claimed that the solicitor had failed to carry out his mother’s instructions.

read the instructions

▪ Before you take any medicine, always read the instructions on the bottle.

instructions about/on

▪ It’s extraordinary that the equipment doesn’t come with instructions on how to use it.

▪ His grandfather had left no instructions about what to do with his paintings.

▷ directions /dɪˈrekʃ ə nz, dəˈrekʃ ə nz, daɪ-/ [plural noun]

a set of instructions, especially written ones, on how to do or use something :

directions on

▪ For detailed directions on installing the software, see page 18.

give (somebody) directions/give directions to somebody

▪ The judge has the power to give appropriate directions to the jury before they consider their verdict.

follow directions

▪ These worksheets are designed to teach children how to solve problems and follow directions.

▷ guidelines /ˈgaɪdlaɪnz/ [plural noun]

official instructions about the best way to do something, especially something that could be difficult or dangerous :

▪ Lauder urged the company to develop a set of guidelines that address sexual harassment in the workplace.

follow guidelines

▪ Air travelers can have stress-free trips if they follow a few simple guidelines.

issue/publish/lay down etc guidelines

▪ Medical staff have been issued with new guidelines for working with HIV patients.

▪ The Ministry of Education has laid down strict guidelines as to the administration of the tests.

guidelines on

▪ New guidelines on how to move dangerous chemicals by road have just been published.

▷ brief /briːf/ [singular noun]

instructions that are given to someone about what their duties and responsibilities are in a job :

▪ The brief given to the students was quite straightforward.

somebody’s brief is to do something

▪ The committee’s brief is to investigate and report on domestic violence in the region.

▪ The architect’s brief was to design an extension which would harmonize as much as possible with the existing building.

be part of somebody’s brief

▪ Dealing with financial matters is not part of my brief.

▷ recipe /ˈresɪpi, ˈresəpi/ [countable noun]

instructions on how to make a particular kind of food :

▪ This soup is really good - you must give me the recipe.

recipe for

▪ I’ve found a really great recipe for barbecue sauce.

have the recipe

▪ My Mum has the recipe for a really delicious prawn curry.

▷ manual /ˈmænjuəl/ [countable noun]

a book that contains detailed instructions on how to operate a piece of equipment or machinery, or on how to do a job or activity :

▪ Before you try to use the camera, read the manual carefully.

▪ a computer manual

instruction manual

▪ The instruction manuals that accompany new computer software are often difficult to understand.

training manual

▪ a training manual for teachers

manual on

▪ Leach has written many popular manuals on childcare.

owner’s manual/user’s manual

one which shows you how to use your car, piece of equipment etc

▪ Consult your owner’s manual for information on what oil to use and how often it should be changed.

▷ guide /gaɪd/ [countable noun]

a book containing instructions and advice, that helps you do an activity or job properly, or to make the right choice about something :

▪ This simple guide is essential if you are thinking of taking up hill walking.

▪ the Good Schools Guide

guide to (doing) something

▪ The book is an extremely useful guide to starting your own business.

▪ a free guide to financial planning

guide for

▪ A guide for hospital staff will be published shortly, covering everything from simple hygiene to security regulations.

▷ handbook /ˈhændbʊk/ [countable noun]

a book containing information and advice on a subject or product, produced by someone who knows a lot about it :

▪ There are all kinds of health and fitness handbooks on the market these days.

▪ The students’ handbook gives information on how to find accommodation.

handbook for

▪ a useful handbook for managers

handbook on

▪ a handbook on basic psychology

▷ cookbook also recipe book British /ˈkʊkbʊk, ˈresə̇pi bʊk/ [countable noun]

a book that has instructions about how to cook different kinds of food :

▪ There are an increasing number of recipe books with ideas for healthy meals that can be prepared quickly and easily.

▪ an Indian recipe book

cookbook of

▪ an illustrated cookbook of Mexican recipes

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