Meaning of LEAST in English


1. less than any other

2. the smallest amount or number of something

3. to be at the lowest level




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1. less than any other

▷ least /liːst/ [adverb]

▪ We were the least successful team in the competition.

▪ Portugal would be my least favourite choice.

▪ The people who are least able to afford healthcare are often the ones who need it most.

▪ Air-conditioning is standard except on the least expensive model.

▪ Which job would you least like to do?

2. the smallest amount or number of something

▷ the least /ðə ˈliːst/ [quantifier]

the smallest amount of something :

the least

▪ We decided to buy the one that cost the least.

▪ Those who have been in the most danger have the least to say about it.

▪ Of all the EU countries, Britain spends the least on higher education.

▪ The least I would expect would be an apology I’d like more than just an apology .

the least water/money/time etc

▪ After trials, we chose the engine that used the least fuel.

▪ I was the youngest, so I always got the least pocket money.

▪ We’ve selected recipes that take the least time to prepare.

▪ Find a route that is likely to have the least traffic.

▪ We thought this decision would produce the least harm and disruption to residents.

▷ minimum /ˈmɪnɪməm, ˈmɪnəməm/ [adjective/quantifier]

the smallest possible number or amount of something or the smallest number or amount that is allowed :

▪ The minimum salary for this post is $25,000.

▪ We need a minimum number of two staff members on duty at lunchtime.

▪ Frank was moved to a minimum-security prison for good behaviour.

minimum height/length/age/wage etc

▪ These workers are being paid less than the minimum wage.

▪ The minimum age at which you can legally buy tobacco is 18.

▪ The Police Department has reduced the minimum height requirement to encourage more women to join the force.

reduce/keep something to a minimum

make the amount or number of something as small as possible

▪ Interruptions should be kept to a minimum.

▪ The library book stock has already been reduced to a minimum.

▪ We want to keep the number of mistakes to a minimum.

minimum of

▪ This will enable the patient to move with a minimum of discomfort.

▪ The course takes a minimum of three years.

▪ Even for local games, you have to pay a minimum of $45 per game.

the minimum

▪ Five people in a group should be the minimum.

bare minimum

use this to emphasize how small the amount is

▪ A tiny crack in the tent allowed the bare minimum of light in.

▷ the fewest /ðə ˈfjuːə̇st/ [quantifier]

the smallest number of something :

▪ We plan to do the repairs in winter, when we have the fewest visitors.

▪ Single men make the fewest complaints about women bosses.

▪ Towns with the fewest amenities are usually the ones with the highest crime rates.

▪ Young drivers under 25 have the highest number of accidents while those over 50 have the fewest.

▪ In 1998, there were 71 homicides, the fewest since the 1950s.

▷ the lowest /ðə ˈləʊə̇st/ [adjective]

use this about numbers, prices, wages, temperatures, or levels :

▪ In the last election, he was the candidate who got the lowest number of votes.

▪ People who drank the least coffee had the lowest level of blood pressure.

▪ The lowest charge for a rented car is $30 a day.

▪ Does the company offering the lowest price really offer the best value?

the lowest for 6 months/in 15 years/since 2000 etc

▪ Interest rates are only 4%, the lowest for 25 years.

▪ The infant mortality rate in Vietnam is now the lowest since 1997.

▪ Overseas demand for corn is the lowest in 20 years.

3. to be at the lowest level

▷ an all-time low /ən ˌɔːl taɪm ˈləʊ/ [noun phrase]

the lowest level ever reached :

be at an all-time low

▪ Exports of manufactured goods are now at an all-time low.

▪ Morale at the company is at an all-time low, and staff are leaving in droves.

sink to/fall to/reach an all-time low

▪ Ratings for the once-popular game show seem to have reached an all-time low.

▪ The president’s popularity has fallen to an all-time low.

▷ low/lowest ebb /ˌləʊ, ˌləʊə̇st ˈeb/ [singular noun]

the lowest level of success, hope, health etc :

be at its/their lowest ebb

▪ Consumer confidence is at its lowest ebb since January.

▪ With the company’s fortunes at their lowest ebb for 25 years, lay-offs seem inevitable.

something sinks/falls to its lowest ebb

▪ In the late 1980s, her career sank to its lowest ebb.

▪ Relations with Washington have fallen to their lowest ebb.

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