Meaning of LEAST in English


adj., n., & adv.


1. smallest, slightest, most insignificant.

2 (prec. by the; esp. with neg.) any at all (it does not make the least difference).

3 (of a species or variety) very small (least tern).

--n. the least amount.

--adv. in the least degree.

Phrases and idioms:

at least

1. at all events; anyway; even if there is doubt about a more extended statement.

2 (also at the least) not less than. in the least (or the least) (usu. with neg.) in the smallest degree; at all (not in the least offended). least common denominator, multiple see DENOMINATOR, MULTIPLE. to say the least (or the least of it) used to imply the moderation of a statement (that is doubtful to say the least).

Etymology: OE l{aelig}st, l{aelig}sest f. Gmc

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