Meaning of LEAST in English


/ liːst; NAmE / determiner , pronoun , adverb

■ determiner , pronoun

(usually the least ) smallest in size, amount, degree, etc. :

He's the best teacher, even though he has the least experience.

She never had the least idea what to do about it.

He gave (the) least of all towards the wedding present.

How others see me is the least of my worries (= I have more important things to worry about) .

It's the least I can do to help (= I feel I should do more) .


- at the (very) least

- not in the least

—more at say verb

■ adverb

to the smallest degree :

He always turns up just when you least expect him.

She chose the least expensive of the hotels.

I never hid the truth, least of all from you.


- at least

- not least

—more at last adverb , line noun , say verb



Old English lǣst , lǣsest , of Germanic origin; related to less .

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