Meaning of LEAST in English


I. determiner


at least one occasion (= once, and probably more than once )

On at least one occasion he was arrested for robbery.

could at least

You could at least say that you’re sorry.

least worst

Often it’s a question of choosing the least worst option.

less/least likely

The smallest puppies are the least likely to survive.

not in the least bit

I’m not in the least bit interested in whose fault it is.

or at least

We’ve cleaned it all up, or at least most of it.

sth happens when you least expect it

Bad luck tends to happen when you least expect it.


last but not least

Last but not least, I would like to thank my wife for her support.

Last but not least, let me introduce Jane, our new accountant.

And last but not least, I thank Begona Canup for her interest in the book.

Social Security has reduced poverty, and last , but by no means least, it has been a good deal for participants.

And last but not least, the baby of the family.

And last but not least, there are all those damn kids sharing files and scaring the media moguls shiftless.

And, last but not least, its growth and production has a huge impact on the environment we live in.

And, last but not least, my cousin Bishop Malduin of Kinrimund with, no doubt, his stepson Colban.

And, last but not least, they might re-read the scores while listening.

the line/path of least resistance

If you take the line of least resistance or fail to be consistent, you will actually make things worse.

Political will in such situations is a low explosive, blasting along the lines of least resistance .

Pretty soon, the water, which follows the path of least resistance , has its own plan for your driveway.

The priesthood built itself and if we help it along we are only following the line of least resistance .

Usually he just takes the line of least resistance .

When it constructs its tunnel underground the rabbit, naturally enough, takes the line of least resistance .

to say the least

As captain and opening bat, he's an important member of the side, to say the least.

Cartoonish, to say the least.

It is a bizarre setting, to say the least, where the boredom and indifference can be measured in metric tons.

The lamps look, to say the least, unreliable.

The outlook for their national teams is, to say the least, uncertain.

The results of these experiments were, to say the least, puzzling to the researchers.

There would be a bit of confusion, to say the least.

Try as she might, her working relationship with Stephanie Marsa was strained to say the least.

II. adverb


Air-conditioning is standard except on the least expensive model.

Car problems happen when you least expect them.

I was the least experienced member of the expedition.

Portugal would be my least favourite choice.

The people who are least able to afford healthcare are often the ones who need it most.

The tax hits those who can least afford it.

We were the least successful team in the competition.

Which job would you least like to do?


Alex Ferguson will have loved this, not least because questions had started to be asked of his team and star names.

It is also the explanation of political behavior that has been least fully explored by means of social scientific inquiry.

Last but not least , community projects include events such as school quizzes, sheltered shopping and the annual Aberdeen Carnival.

Not least there are hints on organising your new crew.

Not least , it reduces the time in which the specification can be changed.

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